5 man family tent

Now that it’s almost time to wave 2017 goodbye, it’s almost time for the festive season, the time when families get together. This is the period when holidays provide the ideal way to bond with your other half, and your kids, and given that it’s only getting warmer here in the Land Down Under, why not use it to make the most of the weather, spending some time out in nature?

It’s needless to say we Aussies have an unbreakable affair with camping, so the way you can show your kids what loyalty and devotion are all about is staying loyal and devoted to the adventurous holiday experience your parents passed on to you. Besides, preparing for this sort of holiday together with your family is all the more fun!

You can teach your kids valuable lessons, like how to choose the adequate tent, minding a family of three or four has to buy 5 man tent, to ensure there’s enough space for everyone! Taking into account the addition of sleeping bags, or air mattresses takes up more of the tent space, the lesson is to always buy bigger than you think you require. The last thing you want is a holiday of restless nights, with barely enough leg or elbow room for everyone.

Now that we’ve established the need to buy 5 man tent, have in mind, in case your family has more than four members, say six, you have to buy an 8 man tent, or even bigger! Since it’s family camping, you’d not only use the tent for sleeping but also to play games, using up extra extra space for chairs, as well as storing gear – that’s what holiday relaxation is all about, making the most of the bonding experience. When there are adequate sleeping conditions, you can be sure there are living conditions.

Taking this into account, you might want to use up as much of the outdoor space too, and that’s what the awnings can provide you with; a much needed shade, and rain shelter, to enjoy the sight of surrounding landscapes, having meals outdoors. A word of caution is the larger the tent, the more the weight, which means this sort of tents are car camping related, so your focus should all be on size, and materials (e.g. polyester for fabric, and aluminum for poles), instead of weight when going on the quest for the suitable tent.

Don’t forget, no matter how big, easy setting up is of essence, so you wouldn’t have to waste much of your time and effort trying to set up the tent, and instead use them for more relaxation. Since it’s a closed up space, it’s important to also pay attention to additional features, in the likes of a door extra, and screened windows, to ensure you can ventilate the area in an instant without worrying about welcoming bugs inside (especially mosquitoes!).

To prolong the durability of your tent, it’s advisable to apply a sealer when you’re not off on a holiday, to enhance the protection from leaks. Proper storage (in a dry area) is equally as important. Happy camping!