Glowpear’s main focus is to produce simple, practical items all while keeping a beautiful design. They have created and designed award winning products as well as provided chains, set standards and market agendas. It all started when one of the co-founders, Lloyd Fenn, had the desire to grow fresh fruits and vegetables in the middle of the busy city of Melbourne. At the time, there were no options for people who wanted to grow their own produce in compact spaces. Glowpear has created products that work for people who work busy inner city lives. The whole concept behind their products was to create something that would work indoors and outdoors all while being sturdy enough for the harsh Australian climate. This has particularly been aimed at people who are conscious about the environment and have raved about Glowpear.


The urban garden products from Glowpear have been designed to be able to grow a large variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs, basically, anything you want. Self-watering commercial flower pots are perfect for any place you want to put them all while having pleasing aesthetics. They are made from sturdy, durable materials so you know they will last both indoors and outdoors. The main selling point for these revolutionary commercial flower pots was that they are self watering meaning you never have to worry about forgetting to do so ever again. Each Glowpear urban garden is fitted and made with its own self watering system. This is such a great thing in today’s modern and busy world, so regardless of the lifestyle you live your plants will always have the water they need to be able to thrive and grow.



One of the main challenges the creators faced was to create something that functioned well in urban areas all while looking chic and modern. This was really something that the industry lacked at the time. It took a lot of time to perfect as each aspect of these planters had to be tested properly, ensuring they worked just right. Some of these aspects include the self watering system, the overflow, fill points, and the drip trays. All the waiting was worth it in the end as they turned out flawless and functional.

If you are someone who happens to care about the environment, like most of us do, then you would want to know just how sustainable these commercial flower pots are. All of the materials used to create Glowpear products are recyclable, which is something we all like to hear. You will also be using less water thanks to the wicking and capillary action, this reduces the evaporation of the water you put in. You can easily plant and harvest your own organic produce all in the spaces of your city home or apartment, this is something that was just not available for city residents before. You can also grow your own herbs instead of buying them from the supermarket, which in the long run is an investment. These products will end up paying for themselves if you harvest your own produce and herbs. Go check out their website where you can see all their latest.