Let’s just all proudly admit, we’re the nation of 4WDing. How can we not be? Our country is full of remote areas ideal for 4WD trips ( that most of us have yet to explore, besides a 4×4 makes a ride, any ride, all the more enjoyable.

Also, a 4×4 is the sort of vehicle that’s not only great for conquering various terrains, but also for carrying heavy loads. Whether you need it for bonding time with your big adventurous family when visiting off-road places, or taking care of work related heavier transports, you know this is the vehicle you can rely on.

Bull Bars

However, as sturdy as they may seem, even 4x4s can do with a bit of help when it comes to toughening up their appearance and improving their protection. This is the sort of task bull bars are created for. Taking into account your 4×4 goes through all the rough drives, it can do with a bit of strengthening in the front end, and an upgrade like this can protect your prized vehicle in case of accidents, so there’s no question you need it.

Likewise, it can also absorb impacts that might affect your beloved 4×4, in the form of rocks, branches, and any other debris that comes your way, ridding you of scratches and frequent trips to the carwash. Full headlights (no more cracks from flying objects, or sudden appearance of road animals…), bumper, and grille protection – check, the mightiest look on the road – also check! You can be sure this is the accessory investment that can save you a great deal of money in the long run, taking care of both your safety and style.

Unlike when they were first designed, nowadays you can find a vast range of bull bars options to satisfy your requirements and taste. This applies to materials they’re made of, as much as it does with the look you’re after. To be sure on the quality of your purchase and your utmost safety, check whether the bull bar you’ve chosen has been ADR (Australian Design Rules) approved.

In terms of materials, you can choose from the good old steel, alloy, and plastic. If heavy-duty protection and high level of strength is what you need, then there’s no doubt you can make most use of a steel bull bar. It’s also the option known as the best when it comes to handling impact, but bear in mind, it’s going to add extra weight to your 4WDing.

If you want to avoid this, and still not lose in the impact handling aspect, you can opt for the alternative with the same properties, as is the aluminium made bull bar. When you don’t want the toughest look, but still want the bull bar upgrade, go for the stylish alloy. Then again, if more of your rides are in the populated areas, the safer pedestrian-related choice is the UV-stabilised plastic.

You’re offered more decisions when design joins the material plus style equation. This can be the decision whether you want to drill, cut, or weld your 4×4 to fit the bull bar, or get one that can be mounted on existing truck frame holes, and the preference to additional accessory mounting; some choices of bull bar give you the possibility to add extra off-road lights, and winches.

No matter the option you go for, one thing is certain, you have to make sure the bull bar you get is the perfect fit for your 4×4, complementing its contours, if you want to make the most of it.