The arrival of a baby in the family is always a period of happiness, yet of worry too. There’s all of a sudden this tiny human being that needs your utmost care and devotion. The thoughts of proper amount of sleep, proper time of eating, understanding the different cries, are common but what should also be the priority on a parent’s list is the proper care for the baby’s delicate skin.

The skincare products you choose are equally as important as the bedding and clothing fabrics, so try to avoid synthetics by all means. You’ve probably heard of the fame of bamboo as a fabric as of late, and it’s with reason. Adding bamboo nursery becomes the room for ultimate baby comfort.


Since a baby’s skin is delicate, when absorbing from whatever it gets into contact with, there can easily be an allergic reaction as is the case with synthetic toxic fabrics. Synthetic toxins are known to have their role in immune problems too.

This is a reason enough to go for all-things bamboo when it comes to bedding, from the sheets, to the blankets. A bamboo nursery can provide everything your baby needs for a good night’s sleep thanks to the material’s much-desired properties in the likes of softness, thermoregulation, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic.

Having softness is mind, it’s the perfect fit for the baby skin, as the fibres make for a silky and luxurious feeling when in touch with the skin. Then again, no matter the season, your baby is always going to have the right sleeping temperature, as bamboo makes for warmth in winter, and cool in summer. As for antibacterial and hypoallergenic, it’s due to the breathability and moisture-wicking properties that bamboo doesn’t provide for the bacteria growth conditions.

Another property that is sure to convince parents to pile up on bamboo is the natural UV protection of 50+, so naps in the yard wouldn’t be a thing of worry either as long as you cover up your bundle of joy with a bamboo blanket. If this wasn’t enough, think of bamboo as a durable fabric as long as you maintain it properly, washing it in mild water and detergent.

Bamboo as a plant is resilient, which goes to show why its growth doesn’t require the help of chemicals, and as such is sustainable, 100% biodegradable, as well as eco-friendly. You can have your peace of mind knowing purchasing bamboo products keeps both your baby and the environment safe. A baby sleeping on bedding of this fabric is what “sleeping like a baby” is all about.