What would life be without the chance to have the perfect escape every now and then, doing the things we enjoy? A life full of Mondays, that’s for sure. Nothing feels as good as letting your mind wander off, as you regain all your energy relaxing. This is exactly why camping is always on the “to do list” of Aussies, along with having the chance to spend quality time bonding with loved ones. Perhaps you’re already an experienced camper, perhaps not, but you probably know it takes more than buying the perfect caravan for a fun and exciting experience.

folding table

Regardless of the days you spend away in your home on wheels, you have to get used to being in the same space and the same four walls – when on the road, this is your home. For some it’s easy to get in the camping game, others don’t find it that way because of the limited space they’re in. This goes to show exactly how important the right caravan layout is. Certain caravans are sold with some pieces of furniture, others you have to furnish from scratch, but one thing is for sure, the layout you come up with can be decisive in turning a passionate camper out of you.

If you want to have the perfect start when it comes to acquiring furniture, make sure it’s collapsible, in the likes of caravan tables folding in design, along with tabletop ironing boards, pop-up laundry hampers and, of course, hanging shoe racks for all knick knacks no matter which section of the caravan it is – they’re the ideal storage solution for kitchen and bathroom accessories alike. The way to go in this process is to think like a minimalist and get rid of all the clutter.

Once you get the caravan tables folding furniture bits and pieces, move on to the bathroom; just because you prefer taking baths doesn’t mean your caravan has the space for one so prepare to become a shower person when you’re staying over in your home on wheels. It’s all about adjustment and creativity, so find ways to store the toiletries and towels. Along with the shoe racks, you can use the ceiling space in your favour, installing other hanging solutions. This can be perfect for storing extra toilet papers, and when it comes to getting rid of bulky towels (yet still not excluding them from your packing), the solution hides in vacuum-sealed storage bags.

Don’t forget the power of hooks, they are the essential component of every corner of your caravan. If you weren’t aware as of yet, the clutter you have around can disrupt your sleep so make sure you eliminate it from the bedroom. You have plenty of storage space underneath the bed which means you can exclude nightstands from your caravan interior.