If you have been looking for a lifting equipment that can perform heavy lifting tasks, and also equipment that is capable to move tough objects in a efficient and easy manner, the boom cranes are the right equipment for you. The boom cranes, regardless of the industry where they are used, are becoming some of the most commonly used machines, due to their innovative design, powerful features and versatile applications.

Most boom cranes that can be found on the market today are consisted of a boom, a counterweights, a jib and a rotex gear. In order to get a more clear picture, here is a brief explanation about how a boom crane actually works:

The Boom – This is the most outstanding and noticeable feature in one boom crane. The boom is generally a long fixed arm that is used for moving heavy objects from one location to another.

The Counterweight– For extra stability, the boom crane is equipped with counterweight. The counterweight is placed near the cab’s rear end. Its function is to provide extra balance while lifting heavy loads.

The Jib – This is a metal structure that gives the boom crane the ability to extend.

Rotex Gear – The rotex gear allows the boom crane to rotate easily around the job site. In some applications, hook rollers are also used.

The work process of the boom cranes involves lifting heavy loads which are attached to the end of the boom. Hydraulic force is then applied to the long end of the boom, and the loads are being lifted and moved where they are needed.

The boom crane are machines that can be used in various segments, such as warehouses, workshops, construction sites etc. The increased demand on the market for boom cranes can be associated to their ability to perform a vast variety of lifting and handling operations, capability to relocate various items and to guarantee increased safety for the workers on the job site.

The boom cranes offer also superior comfort, convenience and are easy to operate equipment, allowing accurate load control to be achieved. These machines are made out of strong, yet flexible steel which allows heavy lifting operations to be performed. And thanks to their ability to minimize the operating costs, your investment will be returned in a short period of time.