A skid steer loader is extremely versatile machine used for a variety of construction and landscaping projects. Compact and maneuverable, the skid steer loader is capable to dig and move different kinds of materials and to work on any weather conditions. In addition to digging and moving, the skid steer can be used for other applications thanks to the various skid steer attachments. This machine can be either tracked or wheeled. The tracked skid steer loader is used when more traction is needed or when the surface is soft. However, the versatility of the skid steer loader come from the many skid steer attachments available on the market. Here are the most commonly used skid steer attachments:

Intro Into Caterpillar Skid Steer Loader And Their Attachments

Angle Broom – The angle broom is a very efficient attachment designed for roadworks, parking lots, warehouses, sidewalks, driveways and other areas. A skid steer loader with an angle broom is used for clearing dirt, snow, mud and other debris. Most angle brooms are hydraulically operated and can be rotated. For quick removal jobs without surface damages, the angle broom is a perfect skid steer attachment.

General-Purpose Bucket – The general-purpose bucket is one of the most commonly used skid steer attachments. It is ideal for leveling, light-duty grading and material handling applications. Although it is similar to the dirt bucket, the general-purpose bucket comes with a longer bottom and provides greater breakout force. The long bottom also provides an improved cutting edge capacity and visibility.

Soil Conditioner – Since the skid steer loader is widely used for light-duty leveling and grading applications, the soil conditioner is one of the most efficient skid steer attachments. It is used for preparing a surface for setting a foundation by separating the rocks and debris. The soil conditioner mounted on a skid steer loader is seen as inexpensive solution, especially for landscaping projects.

Dozer Blade – Another useful skid steer attachment is the the dozer blade. The dozer blades are described as must-have skid steer attachments for every landscaping and construction company. The dozer blade is designed to be used for pushing and moving materials with ease, turning the skid steer loader into a compact crawler machine. A skid steer loader with a dozer blade attachment is used for leveling and grading dirt, sand and gravel.

Mower – A skid steer loader equipped with a mower attachment is used for cleaning terrains from debris. With a floating deck and three overlapping blades, the mower attachment is ideal for various landscape projects, maintenance of golf courses, small farms, municipalities and etc.