Crown Equipment Corporation is one of the largest privately-owned companies in America for high-quality forklifts and other material handling equipment. In the beginning, Crown was a small company in Ohio, founded by two brothers Car H. and Allen A. Dicke, but today, the company is the fifth largest producer of industrial forklift trucks in the world. Before the production of forklift trucks, the company was producing temperature controls for coal burning furnaces and antenna rotators. Today, Crown design and produce some of the best and most reliable forklift trucks in the world, and disposes with a global network of dealers. From small hand-operated pallet trucks to heavy-duty forklifts, the most popular products by Crown are the following ones:


Reach Truck – The Crown reach truck is the most popular product from this American manufacturer, ideal for a variety of material handling operations. High-performance, reliability, durability and low operating costs, all Crown reach truck models offer everything what the operators need. Also, the Crown reach truck id designed to deal with the toughest material handling tasks. Crown offers 4 reach truck models: ESR 5200, ESR 5200 (with cabin), RR 5700 and RD 5700. All four models provide the operators superior performance and efficient features. Check all Crown reach truck models here:

Tow Tractor – For proper material flow, most operators use a tow truck. Crown is also known for its powerful and durable tow tractors. Crown has designed the TC 3000 tow tractor with a purpose to deliver a continual performance without interruption and improved productivity. This model provides reduced operator’s fatigue, great driving performance and it is designed with ergonomically placed controls for more convenient operation. TC 3000 is a durable solution for handling loads up to 3000 kg. Innovative design, rigid construction and advanced technologies, the Crown TC 3000 is ideal machine for a variety of tasks.

High Reach Forklift Truck – The Crown high reach forklift trucks allow the operators to reach higher places and to complete specific tasks quickly, easily and safely. The RM 6000S Crown high reach forklift truck is a reliable solution for operators who need powerful machine for specific warehouse tasks. This Crown high reach forklift truck is capable to reach almost 13 meters, and because of that it has more load capacity than the Crown reach truck models.