Mercury Marine is the global leader in marine equipment sales, supplying propulsion systems and services, integrated electronics, parts and accessories. Established in 1939, Mercury Marine has become world-wide recognized as a leading supplier of boating and marine equipment, mostly referred as world’s best boat engine supplier. One of the best boat engines by Mercury is the 150 horsepower four-stroke outboard boat engine. The ultimate 150-hp beast is setting new standards in price, technology and performance.



The 4-stroke EFI outboard boat engine by Mercury Marine is especially designed for boaters who are looking for top-notch durability and best fuel efficiency and performance. Whether for offshore or inshore, this boat engine is a suitable option. It is compact in size and light in weight, but it features a 4-cylinder in-line configuration which creates an incredible power for both single and twin applications. Compared to all other 150-horsepower 4-stroke engine, Mercury Marine’s boat engine has a better fuel efficiency at optimal speed. Here are some of the features that make Mercury’s 150-hp four-stroke outstanding in all possible terms and why it tops brand’s marine equipment sales.

Easy To Install – This boat engine is easy to install (rig), as well as repower. The installation process of Mercury’s 150HP engine requires standard mechanical cables, hydraulic steering compatibility and optional power steering on dual-engine setups. The ultimate 150 horsepower beast is able to connect to any steering system, rigging or instrumentation on the boat.

Focus Mount System – The mount system is positioned farther from the powerhead to reduce the mount temperature and increase the mount durability. Unlike all other manufacturers that position the mounts directly below the powerhead, Mercury Marine angles the mounts in order to reduce the vibration transmitted to the boat. Additionally, the inspection and service is made easy with this configuration, since there’s no need to remove the powerhead.

Gear Housing Hydrodynamics – This compact boat engine comes with a large gear seat and internal components. To house the large components, the Mercury 150HP four-stroke engine uses a larger gear case housing. Although it is known that larger gear housing decreases the boat performance and speed because of the increased hydrodynamic drag, this is not the case with Mercury’s 150HP boat engine. The large gear case housing provides better hydrodynamics than standard outboard engines.

SmartCraft SmartStart – Typical principles of starting the boat engine by turning the key to the start position and holding it for awhile, but the start-up of Mercury’s outboard engine takes only turning the key and immediate release. This is possible due to the innovative SmartCraft SmartStart feature, which automatically continues to turn the engine without holding the key until it starts.