How many times have you felt ashamed for caring about your electronics so much it seemed awkward to people? Well, we live in an age where almost everyone is obsessed with their electronics to a certain degree, so good news is you’re probably not the only one and there’s nothing to be ashamed of after all. Furthermore, it’s more than good to be caring when it’s equipment your profession depends on.

This kind of equipment can be particularly pricey, which is why taking proper care of it is more than necessary unless you want to have extra expenses buying new pieces every now and then or spending thousands on repairs. Audio equipment such as mixers, mics, amplifiers, processors and electronics in the form of servers and network devices require utmost protection, more so when they’re being transported from place to place. If that’s the kind of gear you own, you can be sure a server rack mount case is your best ally.

rack cases

Rack mount server cases were designed to help you keep your prized possessions organised in perfect order, while reducing the chances of damages so you can rest assured faulty operations are eliminated. In case you have items that require optimal care, great news is you can have your custom made server rack mount case to fit all your gear perfectly. You may find purchasing this type of protection to be somewhat pricey, but you can’t put price on safety as owning this case would more than pay off in the end.

Considering high quality rack mount cases are made of durable and weatherproof materials, with elements such as laminated ply, pad-lockable latches and heavy duty aluminium angles, you won’t just rid of worrying about rust, but also damages from bumps during transport. If your means of transport are planes, you should look for cases that are ATA (Air Transport Association) labelled. When you get to purchasing, it’s advisable to be aware of certain aspects to be able to get the perfect fit as well as learn a few packing tricks.

Starting from the rack depth, you must get cases that are deep enough to provide the necessary space for all your gear, which means nothing is in the way and can be damaged when the rack is closed. When it comes to packing, getting the right balance is important since it can help with easier lifting, and you can achieve it by placing the heavier pieces at the bottom and prevent possible heating up inside by leaving enough space for airflow. Take equipment protection to the utmost level, and you won’t ever have to worry about getting any damages going from place to place.