While we all want to have plenty of rest, fully seize the day every day, waking up all energised, knowing the importance of quality sleep for our overall well-being, its simply impossible when you’re dealing with the constant discomfort of back pain.

Tens Pain Relief Machine

Sadly it’s not only taking its toll on sleep, but it affects every aspect of our lives, from decreasing the daily activities, to the ability to work, have a proper social life, exercising, and even cause anxiety, stress, and the level to cope with the pain itself.

Thankfully we live in a technological fast-paced era, which means help can come in a non-drug form of treatment thanks to the use of latest technology. Have you heard of the tens pain relief machine? Its name comes from transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, implying it’s the machine based on an age-old concept, where electrical pulses are used to stimulate the nerves in order to provide relief that’s non-invasive, and drug free.

This is possible when electrodes (on a large surface) are taped right on the skin of the affected painful area, and then current is used in the control of the patient, to a certain amount as adjusted by the patient, and when gradually increased (the high frequency of 100 times per second) the patient can feel a tingling sensation. The tingling acts as a substitute for the pain, by sending tingling messages to the spinal cord, taking over the pain messages. This includes both acute and chronic pain.

You can count on finding upgraded tens pain relief machine design, with wifi technology replacing the old battery packs and electrodes of the traditional tens units machines. This makes for an aesthetic and flexible housing, operated wireless, and via a remote, perfectly adjusting to the body countours, thin, lightweight, easy to carry, and discrete, so you can use it for long periods whenever you feel the need for therapy, or within 15-20 minute periods, several times a day.

Along with providing the much wanted relief from back pain, this machine has been proven to be useful with knee joint arthritis, as much as with migraine headaches, sports injuries, period pain, for pregnant women’s early stages of labour, including insomnia, and dementia.

While there’s no danger from using this sort of machine, as there is from certain medications, it’s still important that you talk with your doctor first, and see if it’s the advised therapy for you. Prior to using it, make sure you have no skin irritation, or cuts, and as a test first hold the machine in your hands, to feel the tingling sensation between the fingers.