“Fashion is fleeting, style is eternal.” – Yves Saint Laurent

As Yves Saint Laurent, the worldwide famous French designer, explained it well, fashion is different from style on a much deeper level. Within every new year and every season we see certain fashion trends being set and we feel obliged to follow to be considered stylish. However, style is about so much more than fashion, it is more about what is hiding inside you rather than seeking to be part of the uniformed world of fashion. Being stylish means being comfortable in your own skin to channel that inner sense of self and vibrating positive energy. Instead of being a slave of passion and wear what everyone else is wearing, do not be afraid to experiment and try to incorporate different pieces that you would not consider at first to be the perfect fit and love the clothes you are wearing.

womens hats


The essence of being stylish includes being practical as well, so every piece of clothing and accessory that your outfit is comprised of should be the perfect combination of both. Seasons come and seasons go, but some clothing pieces are here to stay. One of these are of course hats. In the past, people who did not wear hats were the poor ones. Nowadays, a hat is not a proof of someone’s wealth, but its presence in one’s complete look can certainly add to the charm. It is both a decorative element as much as it is the item that is designed to protect your head from weather conditions which makes it the perfect addition to your wardrobe. With such a vast variety of womens hats available for sale, you are sure to find a hat for every occasion, be it a daily stroll through the park, or a date night. It does not matter if certain fashion bloggers avoid using hats to complete an outfit, you can be your own designer and trendsetter.

Along with improving your look with some of the womens hats that match your taste, you can get the same effect with a bag. Regardless of what fashion suggests, you can wear whichever bag you choose with pride – in any colour or pattern as your bag, no matter its size or style, gives you the space to store your essentials. Stylish people simply are not concerned about being stylish, they just are and whatever they wear is the must-have piece. The same goes for your choice of accessories, be it necklaces, bracelets or rings. Had Coco Chanel followed already set trends, she would not have been considered the icon of style for decades.

Once you have got the accessorizing part covered, finish up your look by matching it with your favourite perfume and you are sure to leave a lasting impression.