A financial calculators are used by everyone, from students and teachers to the ones who cannot start a work day without them – financial workers in banks, companies and other financial institutions. Crunching numbers all day long, financial workers need a calculator like HP 12C financial calculator that has advanced performances for a fast and smooth performance.

The HP 12C financial calculator first became popular back in 1981, and since has become an irreplaceable calculator for every financial worker. It has clear lines and advanced calculating abilities, and more importantly, you can find this financial calculator online at a cheaper price. The HP 12C can operate on either Reverse Polish Notation or Algebraic mode, which enables swift calculation processing. It has a seven segment LCD display which gives clear answer readout.

HP 12C Financial Calculator

The calculator has an advanced nature: it can perform both simple and complex tasks. Finance calculations are quite extensive and complicated and include the use of many formulas. Such calculations are the complex loan amortization and balancing, which can be done easy and precisely with the use of HP 12C. In addition, the HP 12C financial calculator has over 120 functions, dual function buttons and other advanced features, with which every user needs to become familiar with, if they want to use the calculator to the fullest.

What differs this calculator from all other models. Out of all financial calculator online offers, the HP 12C has a few high-tech features packed in a very small area. For instance, with the “f” and the “g” keys, users can activate a myriad of functions, such as tools for calculations of compound interest, extended notation and raised powers. The HP 12C calculator performs both simple and advanced calculations. Addition, subtraction, multiplying and division can be done just like on any other calculator, without the use of any advanced keys.

Advanced calculations include an option for determining the exact number of digits after a decimal number when you need more than 2 places to the right. Another example is determining the number of days between two dates, which is highly needed for doing precise loan amortization. Just like any other financial calculator online retailers offer, the HP 12C needs special and regular maintenance. This includes using reusable, electronics cleaning cloth for cleaning the 7 segment LCD display bar, a set of electronic wipes to clean the keypad and case, and when the batteries die, you’ll need 1.5 volt button cell batteries.

In conclusion, although it takes some time to understand all the features this financial calculator has and its working principle, the HP 12C is a calculator that will enable you to process numbers efficiently and get your result easy and fast.