The rock breakers, also known as rock hammers, are machines that are used for crushing strong materials like: rocks, clay, cement, asphalt, and other similar strong substances. These devices are designed with a flat head for crushing solid surfaces. There are many manufacturers on the market that produce and design powerful rock breakers. One reputable and well-known manufacturer of rock breakers is Furkawa. The Furkawa rock breaker is one of the leading rock breakers on the market that comes with advanced technology and many innovative functions. It is considered as a number one rock breaker for its breaking power, delivering from 10% to 20% more power than the standard rock breakers that can be found on the market. The Furkawa rock breaker is also known for its longevity, safety, reliability, durability, excellent performance and high quality results. The rock breakers from Furkawa guarantee remarkable power by delivering great sound and vibration isolation. The main features of the Furkawa rock breaker are the following ones:

Safety Valve Function. When the operating pressure of the rock breaker raises above 22MPa, a safety valve which is incorporated in the machine opens automatically to protect the rock breaker form overload.

Number Of Blows Manual Adjustment Function. A stepless adjustment is possible thanks to the adjuster of the rock breaker, and a specially designed spool replacement allows selection to be made between idle blow prevention and idle blow during long strokes. The idle blow prevention mode is considered as a standard feature of the Furkawa rock breaker.

Dust Prevention Function. One special device incorporated into the rock breaker prevents dust from entering into the machine. An air filter and air check valve eliminate the air pump which is caused by the piston movements. This way, auto dust prevention is being created.

Number Of Blows Remote Adjustment Function. A special pilot pressure piping manipulation feature of the Furkawa rock breaker allows on/off selection and quick switching from low to high number of blows.

Automatic Grease Function. A standard piping feature allows grease to be applied automatically to the front head and to the thrust-bush section. This feature improves the life of the bush and the rod. Furthermore, a dedicated piping system allows grease to be automatically applied by a remote control.

Tunnel And Underwater Operations. When the grease and air piping are added to the auto grease and dust intake functions, tunnel and underwater operations can also be performed by the Furkawa rock breaker.

Piston Idle Blow Prevention Function. At the standard rock breakers, the idle blow normally happens during long strokes. One major feature of the Furkawa rock breaker, is that this function is automatically eliminated.