The bucket today is no longer a simple attachment that is mounted on a backhoe loader or excavator and used only for digging and material moving operations. Now, there are new specialized bucket models which are designed to perform a broad range of tasks not just the traditional dumping, moving and digging. What is new today is the new bucket which is designed to be capable to crush and screen various materials. This bucket is know as screening bucket. The screening bucket is described as a portable attachment that comes with rotors that move in both directions for screening and crushing materials. Many manufacturers design and produce screening buckets, and they come in different designs and shapes. One manufacturer that produces high quality screening bucket models is REMU, a well-known manufacturer from Finland that produces a wide range products for heavy-duty applications, including: screening buckets, combi screening plants, amphibious excavators etc.

Introducing The REMU Screening Bucket

The REMU screening buckets can be seen on every major construction site all over the world, as they are easy to use and can be mounted on loaders or excavators produced by different manufacturers. The screening bucket from REMU is considered as extremely versatile and flexible attachment that can be used for a variety of applications, like: preparing topsoil, padding pipeline and cable excavation, composting, industrial applications, recycling, screening peat, mine clearance, stabilization, and many other applications. Let’s see what the screening bucket from REMU can do:

Topsoil Preparation. The screening bucket from REMU is most commonly used for preparing topsoil for sport fields, nurseries, landscaping, and yards. While in the bucket, the materials are being crushed and can be classified as clean with high quality, ideal for topsoil without stones, sticks or other large and heavy fragments. When more more heavy or aggressive crushing and screening is needed, a bigger blade needs to be used.

Cable Excavation And Padding Pipeline. The cost savings that can be achieved when the material that has been excavated is screened directly on-site and used for the padding process of cable excavation is another big benefit that can be gained by using the REMU screening bucket. By screening materials on-site, operators save both time and money by eliminating the need for material transportation. The material that is crushed by the screening bucket can be later used for padding or landscaping.

Composting. Grinding green waste, bio waste, animal mortalities etc, are just some applications where a screening bucket can be used. The screening bucket from REMU can also be used for screening the mature compost and mixing it with other ingredients so that the final product is more homogenous.

Industrial Application. Grinding and classifying materials is one very common application for the REMU screening bucket. With a high quality screening bucket and a proper blade design, it is quite easy for the operators to process and work with various chemicals and fertilizers.

Soil Stabilization. Quite often, the wet soil on the construction sites causes work delays. In order to keep the work going, the unstable and wet soil needs to be treated with the right tool. This is where the screening bucket comes into action. The REMU screening bucket is the ideal attachment for adding lime into the soil. The screening process also reduce the size of the clay fractions and enhance the drying process.