The rock breaker is described as a device that is used extensively in the construction and mining industry sectors for crushing/breaking various solid materials. It is also used for demolition works. There are different rock breaker models on the market, designed and produced by well-known manufacturers of heavy-duty equipment and machines. The focus in this text will be on the Terminator rock breaker which is considered to be the most powerful breaker in the world.

Introducing The Terminator Rock Breaker- The Most Powerful Rock breaker In The World

The Terminator rock breaker is one powerful impact hammer, designed and produced by Rocktec New Zealand. It is an excellent alternative to the standard breaking machines, capable to deliver more powerful performance and superior results on the job site. The Terminator rock breaker is used for a variety of applications, including: primary breaking, secondary breaking procedure in quarries and mines, slag and foundry waste, demolition works, and for other similar applications. The Terminator rock breaker works by lifting hydraulically a forged steel made weight and allowing it to fall freely on the striker pin. The striker pin transfer the created energy on the rocks that are being crushed. As the steel weight falls down, the cylinder is reset and the rock breaker is ready for another crushing cycle. The created shocks are being absorbed by the buffering system. This rock breaker function with high energy impacts at low rate strikes. The Terminator rock breaker offers many positive benefits and advantages in terms of efficiency, productivity, performance, costs, noise, maintenance, durability, longevity etc.

Efficiency. The Terminator breaks rocks and other solid materials to a size which is suitable for feeding a crusher quickly and easily. This machine is ideal for reducing the large sized rocks efficiently with minimal flaking and over breaking.

Productivity. This rock breaker is designed especially to increase the production rates at the mining or construction sites. As the rock size decreases, the impacts created by the Terminator rock breaker lead to increased production rates.

Low Carrier Shocks. The traditional rock breakers must be pressed hard against the rocks in order to function properly. The power and weight of the boom and carrier are needed to stop the rock breaker from pushing away the rocks. The Terminator rock breaker is completely different machine. This breaker is simply rested on the rock, it doesn’t cause high cycling loads, and there are no damages to the hydraulic pumps.

Performance. What is unique about this rock breaker is that it uses gravity to generate high impact energy. Regardless of the condition, the Terminator rock breaker will still hit the rocks with the same force and energy like when it is used for the first time.

Capital Costs. The low hydraulic requirements and the minimal shocks make the Terminator rock breaker to be ideal device for carriers that are near the end of their service life. This is a big advantage that leads to lower total capital costs.

Noise. The noise levels are usually measured as total exposures per hour. Unlike the traditional rock breakers which create high noise levels, when the Terminator rock breaker is used, the noise exposure levels are significantly reduced.

Carrier Options. As a result of the low vibration, the Terminator rock breaker can be easily mounted on a wheel loader or on excavator. It can be even used in a conjunction with quick hitch. Therefore, this rock breaker offers increased versatility and maneuverability.

Maintenance. The Terminator rock breaker comes with very simple operating system. It requires less maintenance, and there is no need for special technicians. The operating costs are lower when compared with the traditional hammers. With normal and regular maintenance, the Terminator rock breaker can be used for many years.