Regular servicing is very important for keeping your vehicle in good driving condition. It is recommended to regularly visit a car service centre Melbourne for detailed car inspections. Servicing your vehicle is very important, especially if you use your vehicle extensively. Yes, by servicing your vehicle on a regular basis, you will avoid costly repairs and will save lot of money. Here’s what you need to pay attention to.


Car maintenance – The manufacturer handbook usually provides the information on when your car needs to be serviced. If there is no such information, then you should take your vehicle to a mechanic Melbourne shop for a regular servicing anywhere from 9000 to 16 000 kilometers, or once a year. You can make some basic checks by yourself, such as:

  • oil levels
  • engine coolant levels
  • brake fluid levels
  • tire pressure
  • rear, brake, indicators and head lights.

Engine Oil Change – Start with changing the engine oil. The oil needs to be warm because it will flow more easily. Run the engine for about 15 minutes. Make sure when you perform the oil change, the car is on a leveled surface. Jack up the vehicle for safety and remove the oil cap. The oil may be hot, so you should be careful. It is always better to rely on a reliable car service centre Melbourne that will do the job fast and professionally.

How To Dispose The Engine Oil – Disposing the engine oil is highly toxic as well as illegal. Used engine oil needs to be disposed by experienced mechanic Melbourne shop.

Engine Coolant – One integral part of your vehicle engine is definitely the cooling system. Around 1/3 of the energy produced by the engine is wasted because it is being converted into heat. Having the right mixture of engine coolant is vital for keeping the engine from freezing in the cold winter days and from overheating in the summer. Consult with your local mechanic Melbourne shop about what type of engine coolant you need for your vehicle.

Change Spark Plugs – Before removing the spark plugs, make sure there isn’t debris around the chamber. Insert the plugs and tight them well with a plug removal tool. If you have no car related skills, it is always best to take the car to a trustworthy car service centre Melbourne.

Air Filter – Fitting a new air filter is a simple process, however, if not sure how to, take the car to your local mechanic Melbourne shop to ensure the job is done correctly.

Should I Service My Own Vehicle? – If your vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, it is best to have it serviced at a licensed dealership only. However, this is not mandatory. There are many licensed car service centre Melbourne workshops that provide car servicing without affecting your warranty.