The excavators are extremely efficient machines, used for a variety of operations. Most commonly, the excavators are used for digging operations. The excavator operators have a wide range of excavator attachments on disposal, so depending on their application, they can choose a specific attachment and complete the job in a quick and efficient manner. One of the most popular excavator attachments is the excavator auger. This attachment makes the process of digging holes very accurate, easy and quick, but it can be quite efficient for various landscaping jobs as well.

By replacing the bucket with an excavator auger, the operators transform their excavator into a powerful machine capable to drill holes for piers, trees, poles, fence posts etc. The excavator auger is very easy to install and use, and it can be attached on excavators, mini loaders and skid-steer loaders. Some excavator auger models are designed for heavy digging, and therefore they come with greater force and power. Greater power equals greater torque, which makes breaking rocks easier, whether through frozen ground, tree roots or clay.

The biggest advantage of using an excavator auger is the bigger reach. Some applications require deeper digging. A bigger reach means that the attachment can be raised easily for works over all kinds of obstacles, such as holes, fences, shrubs, etc. Also, bigger reach means that the excavator can be used for for tougher jobs as well, such as reaching an area from the side of a road. The maximum digging depth of a typical excavator auger is about 1.5 meter.

The operators can convert their excavators, skid-steer loaders or mini loaders into a powerful drilling rigs, by simply attaching an excavator auger on their machines. However, this attachment can be found in different designs and shapes, meaning that it can be used for different application. The most common classification is: light-duty and heavy-duty augers. The heavy-duty excavator auger is designed to be used for any type of soil. This excavator auger can operate efficiently even in rocky and hard soils.

To ensure a proper and efficient operation, it is recommended to check the power-source compatibility of the attachment with the excavator. For example, the excavator needs to have a specific hydraulic flow and pressure rating in order to provide an exact amount of power for the excavator auger. If the excavator auger is compatible, the operators can start drilling holes.