Versatile, flexible and extremely maneuverable, the forklifts are essential machines for every warehouse, production facility, dockyard, and many other places where heavy items need to be moved quickly and efficiently. Just like the big construction machines, the forklifts can be equipped with a wide range of attachments, enabling the operators to complete a variety of tasks with only one machine.

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The forklift attachments have the power to maximize the forklift capabilities and to help operators finish tough jobs fast and easy. If you want to optimize your warehouse productivity and efficiency, then find some reliable forklifts Sydney suppliers that offer high-quality forklift attachments. The most popular and commonly used forklift attachments are the following ones:

Industrial Jib – The forklift jibs are most commonly used in industries where workers need to move loads over raised platforms, roofs, decks and other obstacles. Jibs do great job, especially when workers need to reach high locations in order to pick or place heavy loads. The industrial jibs come with two swivel hooks, one is connected to the end of the jib, where as the other is manually positioned on the underside of the boom. Another very interesting fact is that workers must never exceed the total weight capacity of the jib. If your profession requires handling materials over scaffolding, then find a reliable forklifts Sydney dealer and get an industrial jib attachment.

Fork Positioner – This attachment is perfect for handling loads with different size. The fork positioner speeds up the completion time, because you don’t need to get off the cab and adjust the distance between the forks. The fork positioners are amongst the most versatile forklift attachments that can handle heavy-duty applications fast and easy.

Paper Roll Clamp – If you want to turn your forklift into a powerful paper handling machine, then get a quality paper roll clamp from a reliable forklifts Sydney provider. The paper roll clamps are perfect solution for handling large sized rolls in warehouses, paper mills and harbors.

Sideshifters – The sideshifts are essential forklift attachments. Every forklifts Sydney supplier will recommend using sideshifters for applications where heavy loads need to be stacked accurately. With sideshifters, operators find it much easier to slide the fork carriage left and right. These forklift attachments reduce the chances of damaging the products.

Prongs – A prong is another popular forklift attachment, used for picking up rolls of materials like rolled steel, cable spools and carpet rolls. This is actually a rod type of attachment that is inserted in the center of the spool.