Industrial air compressors are heavy duty devices used to compress or squeeze components like air, water, gas and oil. Generally large in size, they are capable of producing great levels of pressure to power large-scale, complex systems. Considered an essential component among different industries, they are highly used to run major industrial and manufacturing equipment, including those that incorporate hydraulic or pneumatic operating components.

When developing industrial air compressors, manufactures usually rely on three basic types of operating systems. Basic centrifugal units include a cylinder or a drum that rotates very fast when the device is turned on. This will produce a centrifugal force which will further be applied to compress air or any other element for use in other equipment. But, if the application requires extreme rate of compression, than a reciprocating compressor model is recommended. This model features a series of interconnected cylinders that compress and release pressure in controlled stages.

However the most used type of industrial air compressors is the rotary screw model. Featuring a large metal screw enclosed within a larger metal tube or cylinder, when it is turned on, it forces air or fluid through its length, resulting in power and compression. This model of industrial air compressor is commonly found in industrial cooling systems.

Industrial air compressors are commonly seen in different types of commercial and industrial buildings. And while a structure with a large cooling system requires just one of these units, a structure with special refrigeration often needs a series of air compressors. Other applications of industrial air compressors include: to power industrial equipment such as machines used in power production and basic manufacturing equipment; to run tools like a paint sprayer or a sandblaster; to power hydraulic or pneumatic drilling equipment, etc.

Although industrial air compressors share many features with smaller air compressor, they typically offer greater capacity and reliability than basic air compressors used in domestic operations. Furthermore, thanks to their size they are able to produce much higher rates of pressure.

For more information on industrial air compressors visit a local dealer where experienced professional will be able to guide you through the process of selecting the right model of industrial air compressor for your specific application.