A laser grader is a type of grading machine that is used heavily for applications where accurate grading is needed. Every grader is specialized for performing certain grading operations. The laser grader is designed to ensure accurate and precise leveling of different surfaces for smaller construction projects.


The laser grader is a small and compact machine that is highly efficient when used for leveling surfaces before the building or construction operation. Since the surface is the starting and vital point in every construction process, it should be well prepared before the construction job starts. For that reason, the laser grader is a must-have machine for every road construction project.

How the laser grader works?

For more accurate grading results, the laser graders come with advanced laser technology. This is the main feature that allows operators to achieve accurate and precise grading. With a beam of light, or laser, the laser grader can set a perfect grade on a certain surface. Furthermore, this grader uses GPS laser system with a sensor. This feature enables the machine to receive electronic signals.

Laser grader usage and operation

Since the main operation of the laser grader is to provide accurate surface grading and leveling, and due to the fact that it comes with compact size, this machine is most commonly used for leveling surfaces in road construction projects. Beside road construction, the laser grader can be also used for:

  • sport terrains
  • concrete floors
  • car parks
  • streets
  • rails

The process of constructing smaller streets, car parks or sport terrains is usually performed in tight and small areas, but this is not a problem for the laser grader. This machine can perform the most accurate alignments to the grade hub. Thanks to the automatic grade matching, the laser grader enables the operators to calculate the grading requirements.

Another important feature of the laser grader is the automatic temperature compensation, which means that this grader can still provide the most accurate and precise grading alignments on different job sites regardless of the temperature conditions. In general, the laser grader is the best solution for operations that require accurate surface grading and leveling.