One of the most popular crane manufacturers in the world is Liebherr. The Liebherr cranes were a true revolution in the crane manufacturing industry. As a manufacturer of heavy-duty machinery, Liebherr has become a popular name when it comes to strong and powerful cranes. Today, Liebherr offers a wide range of cranes, such as tower cranes, all-terrain cranes, overhead cranes, cargo handling cranes, mobile harbor cranes, gantry cranes and etc. The wide crane range means that Liebherr has a solution for every lifting task.

The most popular Liebherr cranes are the overhead cranes. These lifting machines are made from high-quality steel and are quite large. In terms of cost, these Liebherr cranes are quite affordable and cost-efficient, since they can move extremely large materials in a safe and efficient manner. Liebherr provides overhead cranes for industrial purposes in different sizes and shapes. Like all Liebherr cranes, the overhead cranes are self-propelled units and can be used both for outdoor and indoor operation.

Introduction To Liebherr Cranes

The cargo handling cranes are also quite popular on the market. The Liebherr reachstacker concept offers incredible handling possibilities and many innovative features. The unique design of the curve-shaped boom of the Reachstacker Liebherr cranes provides a lot of space for stacking and an incredible outreach. Small but extremely powerful cranes, these lifting machines are efficient for handling timber. Also, these Liebherr cranes are suitable for stacking large cargo containers. The Reachstacker cranes by Liebherr are small-sized, meaning that they can be easily installed on a ship or inside a warehouse.

With lifting capacity of up to 210 tonnes, the Liebherr mobile harbor cranes are some of the most powerful cranes that can be found on the market. These Liebherr cranes offer a practical solution for every lifting task and can be used in different industry sectors, from handling cargo in harbors to heavy lifts on construction sites. The mobile harbor cranes are specifically designed to move around a port facility by using their own power. The most common application for these mobile lifting machines is moving bulk cargo. These Liebherr cranes are also used for lifting undefined materials of different sizes, such as garbage, scrap metal, etc. For increased lifting capacity, they are usually equipped with magnets and grapples.

With a wide range of powerful and reliable lifting machines, Liebherr provides solutions for every industry sector where cranes are needed. That’s why the Liebherr cranes are used by customers all around the world.