If you are looking for an innovative, versatile and affordable screening bucket for selecting, screening and crushing natural materials, then consider the star screening bucket. With new design, the star screening bucket is ideal tool for screening demolition materials, scrap materials, rocky soil etc. It has the power to reduce the crushing time up to 60 %. This screening bucket is ideal for cleaning beaches as well, as it can select and process even small pieces like pebbles or other wet materials. If you want to improve the performance of your excavator and to increase the productivity on the job site, then read on and find out what makes the star screening bucket a number one choice for many screening tasks.

Introduction To Star Screening Bucket

Working Principle – The star screening bucket has a unique working principle, similar to the rotary bucket but it has greater power for selecting and crushing even the smallest pieces. The performance ratio of this screening bucket is higher than the conventional grid buckets, as it is powered by a hammer circuit. The bucket keeps the larger fragments and allows small pieces to be screened through the stars. Once the screening is over, the hammer circuit turn off the screening bucket and the large pieces are thrown away. In order to select and screen even the finest materials, the screening bucket includes mounted star shafts on a large arc.

Benefits – The star screening bucket is a lightweight device that has great rotating and folding power. With so many features, the tar screening bucket offers many benefits and advantages over the standard screening buckets that can be found on the market.

  • With flexible and self-cleaning stars, there is no need to clean the screening bucket.
  • The screening bucket will not ruin the roots or the turf, because the flexible stars are quite gentle when working with fragile materials.
  • The screening bucket is made from high quality material that doesn’t allow the crushed material to affect the bucket performance.
  • Another big benefit of the polyurethane stars is that they are inexpensive and can be easily changed.
  • Thanks to the simple working process, you can mix materials continuously without wasting time on reversing the shafts.
  • The chances for damaging the transmission components are equal to zero, since the shafts rotate only in one direction. Thus there is no need for drain line as well.

Features – The star screening bucket provides you with unique features such as variable speed control, interchangeable top plate and replaceable side panels. Coated with high quality material, the screening bucket guarantee long life and reliability.