The graders are heavy-duty machines which are used for excavation tasks and final shaping on the surfaces where new pavement is going to be laid. These machines come in various designs and shapes. With different grader attachments available on the market, a single grader can be used for completing various tasks. The grader manufacturers today design and produce not only innovative grader machines, but also high quality grader attachments.

Introduction To Volvo's Grader Attachments

Volvo Construction Equipment is globally known manufacturer of high quality construction machines and equipment, including graders. The graders from Volvo stand for their durability, excellent performance and superior results on the job site. But Volvo design and produce also a wide range of grader attachments for its grader machines. Many customers around the world choose the grader attachments from Volvo because they guarantee higher dependability, precision and increased productivity. The graders from Volvo can be used with various grader attachments, making them capable to perform various tasks, including: grading, heavy cutting, clearing, earth moving, plowing, blading, benching, road building, ripping, and many other tasks.

The most commonly used grader attachments from Volvo are the following ones:

Front Mounted Scarifier. This attachment brakes and separates compacted materials, rocks and asphalt pavement. The name of this attachment tells that it is mounted on the front end of the grader for simple and easy scarifying works on walls, various ground obstacles or curbs.

Rear Scarifier/Riper. The rear scarifiers are grader attachments which are used to scarify or to rip off different hard materials like ice or asphalt. These grader attachments are also used for removing rocks, loosen road surfaces and tree rots. When equipped with the Volvo Tooth System, these attachments can hold up to nine scarifier teeth or five ripper teeth.

Middle Mounted Scarifier. This scarifier is mounted behind the front axle of the grader and it is designed to break compact and hard materials. It facilitates the grading process and it is commonly used for maintaining icy roads or gravel. The design of these grader attachments ensures excellent cutting capability and optimum attachment visibility.

Parallel Lift Group. The parallel lift group is mounted on the front end of the grader, and it acts as lift and mounting group for the dozer blade and the front mounted scarifier.

Dozer Blade. The dozer blade is one of the most commonly used grader attachments. It is ideal for pushing soil, gravel, snow, tree stumps, rocks and other debris. The dozer blade is generally used as a front mounted tool.