Are you eating about 10 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables? If not, how do you expect your body to work. If your body doesn’t get the necessary vitamins and minerals, you won’t have the energy to go throughout the day. If making a fruit salad is not your thing, then you definitely need to consider juicing. Juicing offers numerous benefits, such as: stronger immune system, radiant skin, weight loss, etc. and you best juicing ally is whole fruit juicer.

This ultra-efficient machine will cut your prep time and give you a better juice yield. Whole fruit juicer produce juices that are much concentrated than the ones produced from traditional juicers. You will have a glass full of nutrients and enzymes in just few seconds! And let’s not forget to mention that whole fruit juicers will cut your grocery bills as well! How is that possible? Thanks to the slow-speed masticating technique, this juicer succeeds to retain up to 90% of the nutrients and enzymes found in fruits and vegetables. That means you will make more juice with less food (fruit, veggies and herbs).


Whole fruit juicers are perfect for supplying your body with the most beneficial vitamins and enzymes in the fastest possible way. Time is not an excuse anymore! Boost your energy with a glass of fresh juice first thing in the morning. With whole fruit juicers you will make excellent juices and smoothies in a matter of seconds. Skip the cutting process and throw all your ingredients inside. The feed chute of the whole fruit juicer is wide enough to fit fruits and vegetables in their whole form.

This two-stage juicer uses a low-speed technology to smash the food and extract the juice. The form of the auger is a bit different than the ones traditional juicers have. It is especially designed to crush and blend hard fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces, extracting the goodness from the pulp. Whole fruit juicers are perfect for juicing delicate herbs, ripe berries, leafy greens, carrots.

There are many juicing recipes you can make with this cool appliance. You can even use the pulp. For example, when you make carrot juice, use the pulp to make soup, cakes or even casserole. Fibers are essential for your health, so why throw the good stuff when you can actually eat it. It’s time to change your eating habits with super easy smoothies and juices now!