If you are new to rappelling, you might not know about all the essential items you need. Having the right rappelling equipment is absolutely necessary before you get started. There is a whole range of equipment out there so it can get a little confusing knowing exactly what you need. Below we will be going over the essentials you will need when it comes to buying rappelling equipment. We will also be covering why you will need each individual item.


Rappelling Ropes

Ropes are probably the most common piece of equipment that you will use in rappelling. Most people will use dynamic ropes but these ropes can stretch and be cut by rock edges. If you want to avoid this then you should look for static ropes they are less likely to get damaged. Thicker ropes are usually used when it comes to rappelling and remember to never tie a thick chord to a thin cord.

Anchor Materials

Anchor Materials

Most anchor materials are constructed from climbing gear. Some of these materials include bolts, pistons, nuts, and cams. Some anchors may even use natural materials like trees and boulders. If you are using something natural that you should carry some slings or webbing which can be cut to fit properly.

Rappel Device & Locking Carabiner

Rappel Device and Locking Carabiner

The rappel device you choose is very important as not all of them are the same and some of them will work better than others depending on your rappelling situation. You should also choose a rappel device that will double as a belay device so you don’t have to carry around extra equipment. You should also choose an auto-locking locking carabiner. While a screw-gate model will work just fine it can sometimes open so it is considered not as safe as the auto-locking model.


Rappelling Harness

You should always be using a harness with you are using a rappel device. It gives you a comfortable seat while you are rappelling. You want it to fit your waist snugly, you should also try to find a model that has a belay loop in the front, and, of course, only choose one that is in good condition. It really can make the difference between a great rappelling experience and an uncomfortable one. Sling

To ensure your safety while rappelling you absolutely need to use an autoblock knot which will stop you if you can’t stop the rappel. You essentially need a sling to be able to tie an autoblock and a locking carabiner to attach it to your leg loop. You should research how to tie a knot like that and make sure you are doing it right.


Rappelling Gloves

These might not be essential items for some people but they will protect you from potential rope burns so they are also good to have. They will also keep your hands clean from touching the rope the whole time. While they may not be necessary they are a nice extra to have.

Anchor Tether

Anchor Tether

The last piece of rappelling equipment you should invest in is a personal anchor tether. This will make rappelling down multiple rappels a lot easier and a lot safer. Hopefully, after reading this article you know what essentials you need for rappelling.