Replacing your Holden’s window regulator isn’t something that you do every day, and you might not have even heard of these parts until you started noticing one of the common symptoms of a faulty window regulator and decided to have it checked out. That being said, the 4 most common indicators of failed Holden window regulators include:

  • Stuck Window – Sometimes, the window may raise or lower a bit, but then it gets stuck about halfway between where you actually want it to be. This is one of the most common signs of a broken regulator;
  • Button Fail – If you can’t lower or raise the window by pressing the button, then you probably have a faulty window regulator;
  • Weird Noises – If the window moves and you hear strange noises, that’s an early warning sign of a regulator failing. The noises can be either chattering, clicking or grinding;
  • Window Drops – Rarely, the window might literally drop inside your door when you start raising or lowering it. But this usually happens if you’re in an accident and the door has been damaged.

All of your Holden’s doors feature an electric motor inside, which is then connected to the windows through the Holden window regulators. When you push the button on the door to raise or lower the window, the electric motor is activated and it utilises the regulator to either lower or raise the window. Even manual door windows use regulators that have two metal arms that intersect. When someone cranks the window, they’re cranking a gear that moves the regulator, and the regulator moves the window.

Manual door regulators are heavier due to the fact that they have more metal parts. Power door regulators, on the other hand, feature a lightweight cable which is connected to a driving mechanism. Depending on how old or how new your Holden is, and whether it has manual or electric (power) door windows, your choice will vary. Another thing to consider when buying a new regulator is to buy one that’s made for the right window. Left rear regulators can’t be used for the front left or right windows.

That being said, you’ll probably have to replace your window regulator at one point or another, since every time you open and close a window, it’s slowly wearing down the regulator. So it’s just a matter of time when your regulators get worn out completely and stop working. Once they stop working, you won’t be able to raise or lower the window on that door.