The creative mind of a writer needs no special motivation as they take any given topic and turn it into art. The way they phrase their words, express their ideas and draw in readers is something to be admired and appreciated. And having the right tools to express themselves makes this process even more special. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a unique gift tailored to their exact needs?

What Gift to Give Someone Who Loves to Write?

If you have a special someone in your life who loves to put their thoughts into words, then one of these thoughtful gifts is sure to bring a smile to their face. It doesn’t matter if they’re fond of writing love poetry or even crafting stories or screenplays, the following six items are some excellent choices.

Uniquely-Crafted Ballpoint Pens

ballpoint pen

Bold words are a writer’s friend, with their ability to draw attention and enhance the overall impact of a piece. And perhaps there is no better way to emphasise the importance of their words than with an intricately designed ballpoint pen. This classic tool is sure to make writing a pleasure for your loved one.

But it’s not just any pen you’ll be giving – these are models that are masterfully crafted with contrasting colours, elegant lines and other eye-catching features. Many of them are made from polished wooden barrels, with their signature design engraved on the body.

The top part of this kind of ballpoint pen is usually made of gold, chrome or other precious metals. The nib is also made of high-quality steel, which ensures consistent writing performance and smooth strokes.

Some of the more minimalist designs come in a spectrum of deep colours, featuring mirrored barrels and trim – perfect for those who love to write in style. Brown is certainly the most popular option, with its classic touch of nostalgia and elegant charm. Black is another timeless choice, with its sleek look and bold lines.

Both the simple and sophisticated designs have an undeniable appeal and make a beautiful addition to any writer’s collection. It’s the kind of gift that will be treasured for years to come.

As for the fillings, both cross-style and parker-style options are available. The former consists of a ball-point tip and piston mechanism, while the latter uses a pressurised ink cartridge. Both styles offer great durability and a slick writing experience. The only difference is that the cross-style is refillable, whereas the parker-style needs to be replaced.

Leather Journal Embossed with Initials

For a truly personalised touch, opt for a leather journal embossed with the recipient’s initials. Not only does it look great, but it also feels luxurious to the touch.

This classic item is perfect for jotting down ideas and capturing thoughts on the go. It’s also ideal for keeping track of daily tasks or creating a to-do list.

The cover is usually made of genuine leather, with the recipient’s initials engraved on the front. The interior is filled with smooth, ivory-coloured paper that is great for writing. The journal is also equipped with an elastic band to keep it securely closed when not in use.

Book-Shaped Pen Holder

ballpoint pent

Once the creative burst has simmered down, the writing tools still need to be put away safely. And why do it in a boring manner when you can keep them organised in style?

Having a book-shaped pen holder is the perfect way to store writing instruments in one spot. It has several compartments, so they can easily categorise the pens and pencils. Plus, it looks great on any desk or table – like a real book with a unique design.

Cheeky Bookends

Naturally, writers are also avid readers, which serve as great sources of inspiration. So show your appreciation for their literary endeavours with bookends that are both practical and stylish.

Most bookends have unique designs, like sculptures of characters from famous works, animals or even pop culture references. They come in different materials, including wood, metal and bronze. The more eccentric styles can also be used as decorations or conversation starters.

Literary-Inspired Mugs

Having a cup of tea or coffee is often part of the writing routine, with the occasional break to enjoy the beverage. And taking a sip from a literary-inspired mug can make the refreshment time even more enjoyable.

These mugs come in different sizes and feature a number of designs, such as famous book quotes or characters. They make great gifts not just for writers, but also bibliophiles and those who simply appreciate a clever joke.

Vintage Typeface Posters

For the aesthetically inclined, nothing quite beats vintage typeface posters that feature classic fonts from the past. These retro-style prints normally have a nostalgic appeal, but they can also evoke a modern vibe with some of the more contemporary fonts.

Their designs typically contain famous quotes, short passages, inspirational words or even illustrations. Whether it’s hung up in the office or placed on a side table, it’s sure to make an impact with its timeless charm. They can even serve as a great reminder to stay motivated and keep the creative juices flowing.