Whether you’re someone who is looking for a tractor for sale or just someone who wants to know more about the basics, one thing is certain, tractors really can do it all. If you live on a farm or have a big piece of land, then you know that a tractor is an essential vehicle to keeping things in check. All your maintenance is done with a tractor and a range of accessories depending on what you use it for. Below we’ll go over what they actually are, why they were invented, and the different parts that make up a tractor so you can get a better understanding of them.


Let’s first get into the parts that separate the modern tractor apart from the older traction engines. Modern tractors can do all sorts of things and this is because of a few useful features, the first being the drawbar. The drawbar is an essential part when it comes to hauling heavy loads; it is essentially a sturdy rod that pivots so a tractor can pull a load whichever way you wish to go. The next part of the modern tractor you should know about is the hydraulic hitch. It’s particularly useful when the terrain you need to haul something on, isn’t even. It is basically a powered lifting system which can raise and lower your load of the ground with a simple switch.

Modern tractors are also fitted with a power takeoff. This is a rotating shaft that is located at the back of the tractor from where power can be taken from the engine. The tires of a modern tractor should also be mentioned, they spread the weight of the tractor evenly and give it great grip. The more the tires spread the load and weight, the less damage the tractor does to the soil. Last but not least, the diesel engine that most tractors use. They are great and provide the pulling power you need. If you want a machine you can rely on, make sure you get a tractor for sale with these features. You can find such tractor for sale online and at selected dealerships.

What is a tractor and why it is used? The word itself tractor is related to the word traction and from the Latin word “tractus” which essentially means drawing or pulling. A tractor is a machine that has been designed to slowly but surely pull things that need to be pulled along. It has a large and powerful diesel engine which means that is should be able to go really fast.

The power however, has been designed differently – it has been designed in a way that can allow a tractor to pull a big or heavy load. This is because of the tractor’s gearbox which takes high speed revolutions and converts the power of the diesel engine in a lower speed revolution of the wheels. This in turn, increases the amount of force the tractor can use to pull objects along. One way to notice how much a tractor is actually pulling is by the speed it is going. If a tractor is going fast then the load it’s pulling isn’t anything that needs a lot of power, if a tractor is going very slow then the engine is probably working as hard as it can to pull the load.

Why were tractors invented? They were originally invented to replace working animals such as horses which have been pulling loads for a very long time. One of the names that comes up is Henry Ford who we know as one of the pioneers of the modern tractor. His determination is what came up with the idea for something better than a horse doing heavy farm work.

Early models of tractors were built for that same purpose; most of them could only pull things. They were fueled by coal and known as steam traction engines which came about by the end of the 19th century. Henry Ford caught sight of one of these and it is eventually what inspired him to start developing tractors on his own. Things have changed a lot since then and technology and innovation in tractors only seem to be getting better.