Unlike disposable batteries, regarding which you either have to stock up or go to the store every time they run out, buying rechargeable batteries is an investment, as there are types that can be used for hundreds of hours before you need to replace them. In facts, tests have shown that the best rechargeable batteries can last up to 400 hours, without having their capacity diminishing every time they get recharged. Think of them as stocking up on batteries, (which in a way it true) since one battery can be used and reused over and over again, so it’s basically like stocking up for an entire year or more, depending on how much you get and how often you use them. So let’s go through some common questions concerning these batteries.


What Features Should I Look Out for?

The most important characteristic that differentiates rechargeable batteries of the same size is their capacity, which is measured in milliamp hours, or mAh. Capacity is the amount of electricity that can be stored inside the battery. The more capacity, the more charge and the more charge, the longer your device can be powered. For example, AA batteries range between 1,300mAh and 2,900mAh, whereas AAA batteries range between 500mAh to 1,100mAh and the 18650 rechargeable batteries between 2200 and 3400 mAh. If you are looking for batteries that can last a long time, then you should get some in the range of 2000 mAh and up.

What are the Latest Innovations?

If you are looking for the latest generation of battery technology, chances are you’ve heard of lithium-ion batteries. I believe hat most of you know about AA, and AAA battery sizes, but now we have other battery sizes, such as the 18650 rechargeable, which stands for 18mm by 65mm. This is also one of the better options on the market today, since it can be recharged up to 400 to 500 times.

What Should you Expect from a Good Rechargeable Battery?

What all of the very best rechargeable batteries have in common is a balance between how long they last on a single charge and how well they cope with being used repeatedly. You don’t want batteries that do not live up to their stated capacity or that leak away their charge. The worst rechargeable batteries start to last less and less with every recharge, or drain themselves to one third if you don’t use them for seven-weeks. In order to find a good rechargeable battery, you should look for high mAh rating and good build to make sure they don’t leak any of their power.