Anyone with a garden has used a leaf blower at some point in their lives. Even if you have no tall trees that shed, piles of leaves will always miraculously find themselves scattered around you beautiful landscape. And before they start to rot and ruin your yard, the leaf blower can take care of them. But the job of a leaf blower should not end together with autumn. Believe it or not, there are other alternative ways you can use the leaf blower besides taking care of what trees dropped on your lawn. Here are the most clever uses for this tool which are definitely worth knowing.

Leaf Blower Vac

Vacuum Leaves and Dirt off Your Yard

With only a single tool you can blow leaves into a pile and later completely get rid of them in one step. How? With a leaf blower vac! To help homeowners clean up their yard more efficiently, many leaf blowers include a vacuuming and mulching function. Just vacuum in the leaves, zip the collector bag and turn the mulching function on. When it’s done, you can throw away the ground up leaves or use them to fertilize the plants in your garden. A leaf blower vac can also be used to clean any dust, sand or small twigs from your porch, patio or walkway.

Clean Gutters

I’m sure you dread having to clean your gutters. Who’d enjoy crawling on the roof just to dig out wet leaves and disgusting gunk out of the gutters with his bare hands? Using a leaf blower will not only save you from having to touch the rotting pile of leaves but also speed up the whole process. You can use it to blast away all the dirt and gunk lodged in the gutters and allow the water to run off your roof and far from your home’s foundations. As a safety measure, make sure you have a stable ladder supporting you.

Snow Blowing

Who says leaf blowers are reserved for autumn only? During light snowfalls in winter, you can quickly blow off the powdery layer of snow accumulated on the walkway before it freezes over and becomes dangerous. You won’t have to bring out the large and heavy snow blower every time there’s a little snow. Extremely convenient!

Clean Your Car Spotless

Have you noticed how car washes use a large equivalent of a leaf blower to dry cars after washing them. Well, you can do the same at home with your own leaf blower. Whenever you splash a little water on your car to rinse it off, remember to dry it good, because drops of water can create stains and attract even more dirt. The leaf blower will save you a lot of time as opposed to wiping the car with towels. But aside from the exterior of the car, you can also clean up the interior with the help of a leaf blower. By turning on the leaf blower vac, you can eliminate the dirt stuck in the tight spaces between the car seats where a normal vacuum can’t reach.