One of the best decorative elements in the house is a nice, colourful bouquet of flowers on a table that instantly grabs the focus of anyone entering the room. Even more, if that bouquet is given from your lovely partner then the whole detail gains even more importance measured by the smile it puts on your face, right? Yup, no discussion here. Lets put that aside for a moment and concentrate on how just a small bouquet of flowers can transform your rooms and brighten the entire ambiance. Is it the pop of colour? Or the green leaves that make the room feel like part of a very lush jungle?

Online Plants Melbourne

Yes, those small details from the entire beauty of a plant should be used when trying to decorate your rooms with nature in mind. The palette of online plants Melbourne plant nurseries offer truly is vast, although you can’t just pick anything and place it in the middle of your room. You need to choose with a goal in mind and pick carefully.

Where there’s a window and sunlight…

If you are lucky enough to have a large glass wall or large windows in any of your rooms then this is the perfect choice of a plant for decorating this wonderful sight. Introducing: The Standard Iceberg Rose Tree. You can find it online plants Melbourne nurseries offer it already grown and ready to be put in a pot and placed in its respective spot. This tree can reach about 1 metre of height but that doesn’t pose as an obstacle in the decorative process. You can just place the tree in the corner of the room, between the wall and glass so that it is perfectly illuminated and all shining under the rays of natural light. The tree has amazing white blooms in spring, which means rooms where white and other fresh nuances dominate will benefit largely from a decoration like this one.

Leave no empty awkward spots

That green colour of plant leaves is one of Nature’s masterpieces – it complements every other colour in the most appealing way possible. This is what makes the Large Wild Iris the perfect choice for filling in the blank spots in your home. When you simply feel there shouldn’t be a blank white spot on that side of the wall and you have no idea what to place there, go with the sure thing: an Iris. This plant has amazing long and strong leaves in the most beautiful green colour and grows pretty big.

The plant you shouldn’t skip

It’s called The Libertia Formossa and it goes perfectly in a large, elegant pot made of porcelain or some other strong and luxuriously looking material. The Libertia Formossa, also known as a Chilean Iris, has white flowers in clusters giving the entire plant that wonderful look and appearance. This plant needs a lot of sun and a pretty moist soil to grow, so wherever you place it, make sure sunlight reaches it fully. From a decorative point of view, the Chilean Iris is gentle and emits kind of soft fragility which makes it the perfect decoration for large bedrooms or living rooms designed to emit calmness.