It is not rare for people to spend time envisioning their future, picturing their day to day activities, and while a long life seems more than appealing (who does not want to get well into old age), it all gets down to the quality after all. What is the meaning of longevity if it is not spent in good health?

aged care

Many people’s lives turn miserable because with the busyness we often forget about the importance of human interaction. This is especially important for the elderly who, after retirement days take over, feel like their purpose has been lost and once company becomes scarce, loneliness is unavoidable. As human beings, regardless of whether we are introverts or extroverts and the number of people in every person’s social circle, we cannot live fully if not for socialisation. Simply said, we are wired for human contact. Whenever something good happens, we crave to have someone to share happiness with, same way when something bad occurs we look for advice and comfort.

When the glorious days of hard work and health at its best are left behind, it is expected for the elderly to reflect on their lives. This, along with lack of communication, can make them feel let down and forgotten and lead to illnesses. After years of research, scientists have managed to prove the devastating effects of loneliness on the overall well-being of the elderly. Old age can be seen as a particularly sensitive period with the body going through numerous changes and the amount of strength weakening considerably. While some are lucky enough to have families, others are left entirely on their own. This is why aged care workers are seen as saviours in most eyes.


It takes great dedication and compassion to become an aged care worker, and though it may be a demanding profession, it more than pays off eventually. If you are already experienced in providing care to those in need, or are passionate about helping people, getting a certificate 4 in aged care is the perfect choice for you. As there are many options, you will be able to find the course most convenient for you just by searching online. With certain courses you have the chance to plan your own weekly amount of classes with the days that are suitable to you. Depending on the person, some courses also offer VTG (Victorian Training Guarantee) full or partial subsidies on course fees.

The great thing about certificate 4 in aged care is having the chance to pave the path to your better future while also helping ameliorate someone’s life. Considering there is a large demand for this kind of trained specialists, you can rest assured what you invest in your training and education will bring you fruitful results. You will be able to find a job once completing the course and work as an aged care professional, as well as a community support worker or day activity worker, including having the right base for becoming a nurse.

Since aged care professionals come across with patients with all kinds of health problems, special attention is given to clinical training and experience. It is not uncommon for the elderly to develop dementia or have mobility issues, and these individuals specifically require more attention. From getting acquainted with the different illnesses, their pills and ointments, care workers also have to be able to get close with the patients.

As previously mentioned, old people are sensitive and need a person that takes care of them while also being their confidant, so in other words care workers take the role of family members. If care workers could see the lives of the forgotten elderly when alone, they would see how much of an impact their job has. This is why this vocation is so noble and rewarding. Knowing you can make someone forget about aches and look forward to tomorrow is a reward in itself.