Did you know that your office furniture can significantly affect yours and your team’s overall productivity and quality of work? Using ergonomic office furniture has tons of health benefits which can increase your efficiency and work stamina. Well designed, ergonomic pieces of furniture are essential for making any workspace healthier and safer for its staff. It can reduce tension, stress, and muscle strain, creating a more comfortable work environment. For an office chair to be ergonomic it needs to provide enough support for your back, waist, neck, and abdomen. Ergonomic office chairs are equally important for people working or studying from home, as are for people who spend many hours a day working at a computer desk.

executive office chair

The most important feature of a good executive office chair is the ability to provide support to the lumbar region of the spine. This is essential to your overall health, as the proper support improves your posture while simultaneously strengthening your core. Furthermore, a strong core can improve your breathing and cardiovascular health, it can increase your overall balance and stability, reduce your overall risk of injury as well as improve your digestion and gastrointestinal health.

A quality executive office chair should enable you to adjust the height of the backrest. This will help you position the back cushion in a way that will help you get effective back support and optimal flexibility. The best executive office chairs feature pneumatic mechanisms for height adjustments which span a few inches. When choosing the best model for your needs, it is of the essence to get one that has a seat height adjustment range that is well-suited for your frame. This is important as a properly adjusted seat can help minimize the stress in the knees as well as in the lumbar region of the spine.

The most basic models of executive office chairs enable you to adjust the height of your ergonomic office chair’s armrests. Higher quality models, on the other hand, take this feature up a notch by allowing you to additionally, adjust the width of the arms. These high-end models may also sport a pivot that makes it possible for you to place the arm pads to best support you while performing tasks such as writing or typing.

As for the material, if you want to buy an executive office chair that’s covered in fabric, make sure that you choose a suitable and safe fabric that is easy to clean. The best covers for office chairs should be easily washable, non-slip, and made of a breathable fabric.