So, you’ve removed the unwanted tree, you have cleared out all the debris and now all that’s left is to remove the stump since even though the tree is gone, the stump can still be a nuisance or just be unsightly for the most part. Well, there are a couple of ways to go about stump and root removal, the first way being stump grinding and the second stump removal, but what is the difference?

Stump grinding is a process through which the stump is cut as low as possible to the ground and the rest is covered with dirt. This is done in hope that the stump will start decaying along with the remaining roots. This is also the cheapest stump and root removal process as it doesn’t require any digging to remove and no extra work is required for filling in the hole afterward. Apart from saving you time, what makes it furthermore convenient is the fact that the process doesn’t require the use of too many different pieces of equipment. It is believed that if you leave a stump in place, the roots of the tree might continue growing, thus harming the environment around them, however, this is rarely the case.

Stump removal is a process that involves removing the stump and the roots from the ground, which can certainly leave a huge hole in the ground that will have to be filled in. Is this the easier way? Absolutely not, there is a lot more work involved and the work time is extended by several hours since this process involves removing the stump and roots in their entirety. Taking into account that tree roots can go into the ground several meters, it becomes quite clear why this is so.


So, if that’s the case, you might wonder why someone would opt for removing the entire stump and roots? Well, stumps can cause several different problems. For instance, certain ant species like carpenter ants won’t wait too long before moving in and beginning to construct nests in the inside of the stumps of your fallen tree. After a while, these ants can begin to appear everywhere else around your home which can turn out to be a serious pest problem. Another thing that can happen is the appearance of fungi such as mushrooms. They can sprout all over the tree stump and apart from being unsightly, they can also be dangerous to pets.