Installing curtains is quite a functional way of inducing beauty and functionality in your home. Double tracks in particular are incredibly versatile, allowing you to play with different styles to amp up your home aesthetics and get a practical solution for your needs. You can combine sheer curtains to provide you daytime privacy and use heavier curtains in the back for nighttime privacy.

If you’re on the hunt for sturdy and durable double curtain tracks, you have no shortage of options available. Not only are they easy to install but they also provide you with the flexibility to change your them based on the season, mood or any occasion.

Single vs Double Curtain Tracks


Single-track varieties come with a single rail that is meant to hold the curtain or your drapers and can be put on the top of the window or mounted on the ceiling. They’re suitable for sheer and lighter curtains, so, if you’re looking for double or heavier ones, then opting for double tracks will fix the problem.

Just like single options, double tracks can be mounted on the top of the window frame or the ceiling, but they have two rails instead. The double-track mechanism allows the layering of two curtains, one sheer that goes in the front and one blackout curtain that goes in the back. Of course, you can pair them to your preferences for light control.

Doble curtain tracks are designed to support heavier options allowing you to layer different materials, colours and designs to achieve a dramatic look. Double tracks go well with just about any window shape and you can have them custom-made to your measurements to suit the the window frame.

Some homeowners prefer tracks due to their invisible hardware to create a clean and minimalistic look. Alternatively, If you want your curtain hardware to be visible, you can opt for decorative rods to make a visual statement and add extra flair to your home decor.

How to Choose the Right Double Curtain Track

After you have picked your dream curtains, it’s time to choose the best method to hang them and give the final touch to your room. However, you also want to consider the functionality of each method and ensure it fits your lifestyle.

Cord Drawn Tracks

You have dressed your windows in the best curtains you could find. You fell in love with the design and the overall look of your drapes. But now you’re afraid that after constantly touching and pulling them will lose their shape. That’s where corded curtain tracks come into place. Their practical design serves to open and close the curtains without touching them.

The pulling mechanism is supported by a cord positioned on the side of the curtain, allowing seamless control over the curtains. However, you must be careful when pulling the cords and try not to put too much pressure if you don’t want to break them.

Hand Drawn Curtain tracks

The name is pretty self-explanatory. You use manual manipulation to cause just enough friction to move the curtain from one side to another. Their simplistic design works well with just about any window frame and treatment. If you’re looking for the cheapest option to hang your curtains, hand-drawn curtain tracks are the best solution.

Bay Window Curtain Tracks

You can achieve a smooth curve to fit your bay window by using PVC or Aluminium curtain tracks. If you’re new to bay window framing, the best is to start with PVC installation because the material is super flexible and easy to handle. You can find corded and uncorded or motorised tracks that can be easily bent and make them suitable for bay windows.

Use aluminium track if you want to create a sleek and sophisticated look, with a bit of va-va-voom charm. Aluminium tracks are easy to custom to your window fitting, but be sure to carefully bend the track if you do it by yourself, because aluminium is hard to spring back to its original form.

You can have your PVC track installed by the service team where you have purchased your track or do it yourself since it’s a straightforward process. When looking for bay track options, you will able to find the usual standard of 45/90 or can have them custom-made.

Motorised Curtain Tracks


Control the light in your room without pulling your curtains or a cord. How cool is that, right? With so many curtain tracks available to choose from, you’re sure to have a luxurious and hassle-free moment in your home. Motorized tracks are controlled through the motor placed behind the curtain panels and are super convenient since all you need to do is just a single press of the button.

By installing motorized curtain tracks, you avoid the risk of breaking any cords or ruining the shape of the curtains over the years. They also make the best option for individuals who have difficulties with muscle movements or suffer from arthritis.

Plastic or Metal Versions?

You may wonder what’s the best material to choose for your curtain tracks. There is no right or wrong answer. It all depends on your lifestyle and preferences. However, there are some differences between the two worth noticing.

Plastic tracks are cheaper and easier to install. They work great with any window frame and can be easily bent and reshaped. But when it comes to durability, they generally have a shorter life span than metal tracks. Also, plastic tracks can support lighter curtains so if you plan on getting heavy ones, then opt for metal tracks.

If your lifestyle requires a lot of readjustment of the curtains, by choosing metal tracks you can’t go wrong. They tend to last much longer than the plastic ones and are suitable for supporting heavier curtains, plus, the installation is not that different from plastic curtain tracks.

Double Track Installation

The assembly of double tracks is straightforward. You can either install them on the top of the window frame or have them mounted on the ceiling to create a spacious ambience since the windows appear taller. The installation requires placing brackets at the end of both windows and between them for an even distribution of the curtain weight.

Just as with the face-fix installation on the wall, mounting on the ceiling is no different than placing the tracks at a higher position. Additionally, ceiling mount tracks can be bent to fit any window shape and are easily adjustable to your preferences. There are available ceiling fixed curtain tracks in Brisbane offering impeccable quality and you can rest assured you get what you pay for.