Some women obsess over shoes, others barely give them a second thought, but everyone agrees that work shoes are important. Considering that the average woman spends most of her time working, it’s essential that she has a good pair of shoes allowing her to move around and perform her work tasks with ease.

Female Work Shoes

But what kind of shoes should you wear to work? Without a doubt, shoes that are stylish also make you feel good about yourself, but if they aren’t comfortable enough and offer proper support, you might as well come to work with two bricks strapped to your feet. Thus, we can come to the conclusion that great female work shoes should be equally stylish and comfortable. And since style is a matter of taste, we’ll focus on helping you find comfort.

Great Soles Provide Great Cushioning

Regardless if you work seated in an office, or at the checkout counter in a retail store, your feet will have to support your body for most part of the day. This means it’s important that the shoes come with great support in the form of thick soles that will reduce the pressure on your feet. Look for solid rubber outsoles that will reduce the impact the feet take from the floor, and also make sure the shoes come with insoles made of memory foam which will reduce the pressure from the weight of your body.

How High is Too High?

High heels are not a smart choice if you work for 8 hours a day. But if you can’t imagine going without your heels, at least make sure that you choose ones that will be comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Wider heels that are not higher than 4 cm are generally considered a good choice for female work shoes.

Female Work Shoes

How the Front Is Shaped?

The shoes you wear to work should be a good fit, and that doesn’t only mean in size. It’s important that you consider how the front of the shoe is shaped. Super pointy shoes can feel too tight and prevent your feet from breathing, which in turn can result in painful bunions or even a neuroma if you spend a lot of time standing.

Pay Attention to the Back!

When you walk, your shoes are constantly rubbing the back of your ankles and if they are too rigid this could result in painful blisters. So, apart from ensuring the shoes are not too tight, you should also look for good cushioning in the back which can reduce the friction between the shoe and the foot.