Have you ever felt like you got ready for ballet practice in record time only to find out that you’ve forgotten an important item? Ballet requires a lot of different pieces of equipment, which makes it easy to overlook something when packing. To help you out, here are five practical ballet accessories that you should always bring to your dance practice.

Hair Net

ballet hair net
Source: dancesensation.org.uk

One of the most important ballet accessories is the versatile ballet hair net. This accessory is made of a stretchy, lightweight material and it’s designed to hold your hair in place when performing intricate movements or wearing a tight-fitting costume. There are several different types available on the market, each designed for a specific purpose. For example, some ballet hair nets are worn over a bun or ponytail, while others are worn under a wig or hat. Some are made with a fine mesh that’s virtually invisible, while others have a coarser mesh that’s more visible but provides more hold.

Bun nets are important parts of a ballerina’s wardrobe because they keep your hair in place and out of your face. This is essential for maintaining focus and concentration during rehearsals and performances. They’re particularly useful for dancers who have long hair or hair that’s prone to frizz or flyaways, as they help to keep your hair smooth and neat.

Apart from its practical use, a ballet hair net is also an important part of a ballerina’s appearance on stage. It helps to create a polished and cohesive look, particularly when you wear it with a matching hair accessory such as a hair band or hair clip.

How Do You Put On a Hair Net Properly?

Here are six steps to correctly put on a ballerina hair net:

  • Gather your hair into a bun;
  • Stretch the net over your hair, pulling it down over the bun to secure it in place;
  • If you’re wearing it under a wig or hat, place the hair net over your head, pulling it down over your hair;
  • Adjust it as needed to ensure that it’s securely in place and that all of your hair is covered;
  • Use bobby pins or hair clips to hold the bun net in place, particularly if you have thick or long hair;
  • Check that it isn’t visible from the front or sides, as this can ruin the overall look of your hairstyle.

Bobby Pins

bobby pins
Source: justballet.co.uk

Bobby pins are useful tools for keeping your hairstyle in place during performances and rehearsals. As a ballerina, you need to have your hair neatly styled and out of your face to focus on your technique and movement. Bobby pins are the finishing touches that help secure a bun or chignon. They help to keep stray hairs from falling into your face, which can be distracting and disrupt your focus while performing.

In addition to their practical use, ballerinas also use bobby pins to add a decorative touch to their hairstyles. For example, some bobby pins have sparkly accents or other embellishments, adding a touch of glamour to the overall look. This is especially important if you’re performing in productions with elaborate costumes and sets, as the hair and makeup play a significant role in creating the desired overall effect.


Hairspray is another important hair-styling accessory for ballerinas. It helps you achieve neatly styled hair that’s out of your face and looks flawless. A good hairspray helps hold your bun in place and prevents any prevent stray hairs from popping out.

In addition to its practical use, hairspray can also add a finishing touch to your hairstyle by providing a glossy finish. This is especially important if you’re performing for a big show.

Spare Tights

Every dancer should have a few spare tights in their bag. Tights often tear up or get damaged during a performance or rehearsal and having a spare pair will be helpful in case of an emergency. Another reason is that tights easily become stretched and lose their elasticity over time, which affects their fit and comfort. Carrying a spare pair will ensure that you’ll always have a pair that fits well and feels comfortable to wear.

Water Bottle

water bottles with ballerinas
Source: fentonballettheatre.com

Any dancer needs to stay hydrated and carrying a water bottle will help you do so while you’re rehearsing or performing. Dancing is physically demanding and causes you to sweat, which can lead to dehydration if you don’t replace your lost fluids. Dehydration lowers your energy, concentration, and overall physical performance, so you need to stay hydrated and give your best possible performance. Hydration is essential for muscle recovery, and by drinking plenty of water after your dance activities, you can help your muscles recover more quickly and effectively.

In addition to the physical benefits of staying hydrated, carrying a water bottle is also convenient if you don’t have easy access to water during rehearsals or performances. For example, if you’re rehearsing in a studio or theatre and don’t have a water fountain nearby, having a water bottle on hand allows you to stay hydrated without having to leave the rehearsal.

There are also environmental benefits to carrying a water bottle. Rather than using disposable cups or bottles, you can reduce your environmental impact by using a reusable water bottle and refilling it as needed. This helps reduce waste and conserve resources.