If you’re reading this article, one thing’s certain: you’re passionate about camping. Both experienced and rookie campers can be passionate to the same extent, but my interest is sparked by those who are yet to be convinced as to why they ought to adopt an RV lifestyle this instant. You might be having all sorts of thoughts, how you can’t exactly fit this sort of travels to your already crammed schedule and why you won’t make it as a camper, but that’s exactly what should be your first reason. Just imagine, if your job allows it, you can change your working environment and switch the office for the sight of greenery for a while. You could also make way for new hobbies in your life that involve staying in touch with nature and your roots, such as fishing, caving or simply hiking.

RV Lifestyle

And oh, let’s not forget those incredible nights where you get to hang out with your loved ones while eating in your own outdoor diner with a billion star view. Also, having your own motorised home means you can take to the road whenever possible, so adventure is guaranteed without having to undergo all the hassle of booking hotels or emptying out your wallet. Convincing enough? Sure is. Let’s move on then to what you should pay attention to as soon as you’ve made up your mind on the RV you should buy after answering to questions like where you want to go, how many people do you intend to travel with and what are the activities you enjoy doing. Since water is the source of life, it’s water you have to take care of primarily, so you better equip with an RV water filter.

It’s important not to assume that just because you’re at a campsite water is perfectly safe to drink. You’re out in nature, and you must always be well prepared if you want to make the most of your trips. Water is too essential to be something you take lightly. You know what they say, better safe than sorry. An RV water filter can save you from gastrointestinal illnesses since it removes protozoa and bacteria in an instant. It’s a bonus if you choose one that has a built-in iodine system as it can rid you of virus worries too. Speaking of another necessity, that is electricity, it depends on you how much you’d actually let your trips be in touch with civilisation.

If you simply can’t stay away from electronics, then you’re going to depend on a generator largely but getting a battery doesn’t hurt either. Since you don’t want it to just stop working all of a sudden in the middle of your relaxing break, it’s crucial that you take care of it and clean it every now and then with some baking soda as it’s the perfect corrosion removing paste. Last but not least, make sure you always plan your trips well ahead, so you get in the habit of preparing for outdoor adventures. Read all about the campsites you’re interested in visiting, gather up all the maps you need for the roads, pack up properly with enough warm clothes too even if it’s summer (weather can be unpredictable) and stack up on the snacks. When you embark on this new adventure, I’d love to hear your impressions. Who knows, maybe we go to the same campsites.