So many options of interior décor styles nowadays, so many dilemmas… you may not even be aware you are into one, thinking you’ve picked out another one entirely. Such is the case with modern, and contemporary. Though many assume they refer to one and the same, using them interchangeably, they aren’t.

Contemporary Side Table

If you’re up for anything that’s up to date, the design created and produced now, then welcome to the club of fans of contemporary style. The way you can make a distinction from modern is, unlike modern (closely related to the era of machination) known as the designs of up to 1950s, it breaks away from the traditional style yet still has eclectic elements (featuring various styles).

How can you recognise it in furniture pieces? Take for instance a contemporary side table – though it might have a retro feel (the eclectic bit), it’s new in the way it breaks away from ornamentation, and its elegance comes from its simplicity. While it lacks in accessorising, contemporary still is warmer and more comfortable than modern.

The reason many are drawn to this style is because it’s easy to make way for it at home, and the outcome is more than appealing. You can pair the contemporary side table with a sofa that can make a statement with its defined clean lines, or a TV unit with the focus on solid natural material.

contemporary side table

This would give you the opportunity to find the adequate textures to fill up with when it comes to colour and vibrancy. While you can introduce bright colours, it’s important to stay away from a jarring result – your best bet is to stick to the neutrals to create a sense of harmony, and then add some details with more vibrant colours, such as red in the form of a cushion.

If your fear is exaggerating in terms of colours, instead of keeping yourself busy with trying to find the right ones to mix the neutrals with, a word of advice is to pay attention to mixing materials instead, and stay away from patterns.

Another notable characteristic of contemporary style is the sense of openness it brings about. Having this in mind, it’s important to make the interior as spacious as possible, keeping any sort of clutter out of sight.

This is the best way to make the contemporary furniture pieces stand out in the décor, lacking in ornamentation as they are, and let them define the harmony. You’d be surprised by how serene your home would turn out to be.