Why Are Throw Pillows Called Throw Pillows?

Well as the name suggests, the main intention for the use of these décor pillows was to be thrown on the couch to add some extra comfort and character to it. Nowadays, the term ‘throw’ refers to intentionally placing pillows on beds in order to add a layer of texture, warmth, style and cosiness. These accessories are available in numerous styles, designs, sizes, shapes and colours, giving you the freedom to play with their shapes, sizes and colours.

Where Can You Use Them?

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Given the fact that these cushions are designed to add comfort, they can find use literally in any room in your home. In fact, these stylish decorative pillows can add a dash of glamour and style to any room, and they certainly are the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective way to do that.

If you’re a fan of design shows, channels and magazines, then you’ve certainly noticed that the main touch of style and luxury in master bedrooms are precisely throw pillows. When it comes to choosing these accent cushions Australia interior designers say that certainly have the power to add a finishing touch to the bedroom, transforming it from drab to fab.

But aside from creating your very own dreamy sanctuary for sleep, don’t you think that your living room deserves a bit of this comfiness and style as well?! Instead of relying only on the beauty and appeal of your sofa, chairs and art pieces, you can enhance its beauty even more by adding decorative cushions.

Whether you’re seeking to add a splash of colour to your living room or a touch of elegance, you can achieve all of this with the help of these decorative pillows in eye-catching designs, shapes, colours, and sizes. With a large selection of materials, designs and textures, you can easily add a distinctive charm to the living area.

If you have a larger and wider window sill, you can place a few pillows on it. Aside from being a great decorative touch to any room, you can use them as your book nook where you can read for hours while gazing at the sky, or as your favourite place to drink your morning coffee, for example. Magical, right?!

You can also add a few pillows on any bench or trunk in the hallway, entryway or even in the kitchen. Usually, the furniture pieces in these places have storage space underneath, and the used pillows will not only add a decorative touch but they’ll also make a new and comfy seating area. Throw pillows can also be used outside as the perfect addition to your outdoor furniture.

The only thing you should know about them is the importance to choose ones made from waterproof material, otherwise you’ll need to bring them inside whenever there’s a prognosis for bad weather. The chosen material should also be UV resistant if you don’t want them to fade after a few months of being exposed to direct and indirect sunlight.

How to Decorate a Room with Them?

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Choose the Right Pillows

Whether you plan on adding pillows on beds, benches or chairs, the first thing you should take into account is their size. This is crucial so you can be able to properly arrange them. That being said, you can choose from lumbar pillows which are long rectangular pillows mainly used for supporting the lower back. 

You can use them on their own (mainly on chairs), but when combined with other throw pillows, they should be placed in the front row of a pillow arrangement. The other types of pillows used for decoration are the square ones which are available in a range of sizes which allows you to play with their size when arranging them. If you’re after a more soft and harmonious aesthetic, then round is an option to consider too.

Pick a Main Colour

Choosing a main colour should be related to the one that you already have in your space. For instance, if your room has a more neutral tone like beige, then you should stay close to the more neutral and muted tones like sage, sand, soft mustard, and all shades of brown since they can add more depth to the room. You can also pick the main colour from the walls, the rug or even the curtains, and even though it’s a bit bold, make sure to build on it and choose colours that will complement it.

Play with Patterns

Accent pillows are the ideal way to break up the dullness in any room. Aside from being available in a range of colours, through them, you can add prints and patterns. In order to create an appealing and eye-catching space, you should certainly play with their patterns and prints – just make sure that they go with one another and with the room’s décor.

Experiment with Textures

Aside from experimenting with their prints and patterns, you can also play with the fabrics’ texture as well. Interior designers recommend mixing and matching soft and frizzy and smooth and rough textures in order to enhance a place.