Technology development moves forward so fast it’s just hard to keep track with all those new good things being invented every day to make our lives easier. And even though tablets with touch technology are great, some people still need to work on an actual computer. And when working on a computer is in question, we’ve all done it; and the keyboard with the mouse seems to be the centre of attention since it doesn’t always offer maximum comfort of use.

When speaking of comfort of use, ergonomics do not apply just for furniture elements. These days you can get a keyboard that’s nothing but designed to offer maximum comfort when typing. Many ergonomic keyboard Australia retailers offer a wide range of keyboards of various designs that will meet the needs of any user. How can you choose your ergonomic keyboard? It’s very easy actually; there are features only an ergonomic keyboard has which distinguish it from the ordinary rectangular keyboard.

Ergonomic Keyboard Australia

Small keyboard with big layout

There are fairly small keyboards with a very cute design; they don’t have that much keys – only the basic ones. They are all placed so intelligently and elegantly in a manner that allows you to move your fingers through it without wondering about the position of each key. Meaning, you have them all clearly positioned and therefore, very visible.

The palm rest

If an ergonomic keyboard Australia retailer doesn’t offer some of these, then be suspicious. You know we all hate that moment when our wrists feel cold and pressured because they fall lower than the keyboard? Well, these keyboards solve this problem really elegantly. They have an additional piece of plastic material which serves as the palm rest. That way both your hands are at the keyboard’s height. In some keyboards, this palm rest is removable, so if you’re more comfortable typing without it, feel free to get it off.

Various types

You can choose from different types of ergonomic keyboards:

  • The split keyboard with the keys separated into two groups;
  • The contoured keyboard which places the keys in two depressions set at a shoulder width which requires minimal wrist and arm movement;
  • Handheld keyboards which are designed to be held like a game controller. You can move around the room while holding these keyboards and type at the same time. They also have a mouse installed in the form of a trackball.