From leisurely raw water washdowns to urgent bilgewater discharges, boat owners know that while they can’t control the water outside the hull, having control over what’s on the boat is an absolute necessity. That means when it comes to high-performance pumps and plumbing systems, they can’t afford to rely on lesser-quality equipment.

For more than half a century, Pentair Shurflo has been on the leading edge of pump design for everything from municipal water supply facilities to pool and spa purification technologies. It’s their expertise in marine solutions, however, especially among recreational boat owners, that doesn’t need any introduction. Boat owners have to be able to regulate the movement of water on their boats at all times, and they know they can count on a Shurflo system to make it happen.

Shurflo Water Pumps Give You Control Over Your Boat’s Plumbing Systems

close up of a Shurflo water pump

It doesn’t matter if you own a 50′ cabin cruiser or a 20′ convertible, the raw water, fresh water, and sanitation systems on your boat are arguably its most important. You need reliable water delivery systems to cool your motor, take a shower, or flush your toilet, and self-priming Shurflo water pumps and drive assemblies are designed to deliver the highest capacity and most consistent flow possible, in both salt and fresh water.

Low noise, low vibration Shurflo pumps are available in both 12V and 24V-DC configurations, and are designed to draw from either thru-hull or on-board sources at distances of up to 9 meters. That makes them ideal for custom multi-fixture / feature plumbing systems that require a selection of plumbing components, including:

  • Freshwater pumps. With litre per minute (LPM) flow rates from 7.6 – 18.9LPM, these compact pumps offer minimal cycling, can be used in both high and low flow intermittent configurations, and are combinable to deliver up to 37.8LPM at only 13amps.
  • Washdown/raw water pumps. Boasting flow rates between 13.2LPM and 18.9LPM, Shurflo’s intermittent duty washdown pumps are built to draw raw water from thru-hull valves for critical engine cooling or deck cleanups.
  • Livewell pumps. Intended specifically for on-board live bate and fish box systems that require temperature regulation and oxygen exchange, these continuous-duty pumps are rated to deliver up to 15.1LPM at a maximum of 8amps.
  • Macerator pumps. These waste, sanitation, and fish box evacuation pumps are capable of processing an impressive 49 litres of discharge per minute at 17amps.
  • Bilge pumps. Shurflo’s heavy-duty submersible bilge pumps are capable of moving up to 7569 LPH (litre per hour) and are engineered to continue working under even the toughest marine conditions on a maximum draw of 10amps.

And because the best pump locations are usually close to fuel tanks, or in enclosed areas where lifespan-shortening heat buildup can occur, every Shurflo pump is both ignition and thermally protected. Together with their splashproof bodies and fully sealed switches and wiring, you can be confident that they won’t let you down when the water on your boat needs moving.

Replacement Drive Assemblies Help Keep Your Shurflo Pump Running

From their versatile range of general-purpose transfer pumps to their patented high torque ballast pumps, Shurflo’s full lineup of commercial marine pumps are designed especially for high-performance water and fluid control in harsh marine environments. Despite their sturdy construction though, over time, corrosive saltwater and sedimentary wear can still result in a significant drop-off in pump drive assembly performance and reliability. It can even lead to persistent pump cycling problems, leaks, or premature pump failure.

The solution is periodic inspections, and when necessary, the replacement of drive assembly components. That’s why Shurflo offers a wide range of bench and field repair parts to keep their pumps running, including:

  • Pump switch and upper assemblies;
  • High-performance valve assemblies; and,
  • Pump drive assemblies.

The fact is, even though boat owners know that a rugged Shurflo water pump can always be depended on to deliver its best, preventive maintenance isn’t something that they can afford to take off the table. This is especially true with integrated sanitation systems, where water movement is only one aspect of its operation, and even the slightest hint of a problem needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

Ensuring Your Shurflo Macerator Stays in Top Operating Order

Toilets, fishboxes, and depending on how your boat is plumbed, even the greywater discharge from sinks, showers, and other appliances may be routed through your holding tank, and ultimately your macerator. Unlike the pumps used in raw water and freshwater systems though, a malfunctioning macerator pump can lead to a host of unpleasant, leaky consequences.

Your discharge problems can even be further complicated by where and how your macerated waste can legally be evacuated, which is why Shurflo offers a comprehensive array of replacement parts and accessories to keep their macerators in prime working condition, including:

  • Impeller, and impeller housing kits;
  • Pump lip seal kits; and,
  • Blade and chopper kits.

Make no mistake: with their high flow rates and run-dry capability, Shurflo macerators are some of the most durable marine waste evacuation pumps on the market, and there’s peace of mind in knowing that the parts are available to stay in control of their operation.

The Final Word

installed Shurflo water pump on the boat

At the end of the day, regardless of whether it’s raw water, freshwater, or bilgewater, a loss of water control on a boat can be disastrous. Your onboard plumbing systems have to work exactly as intended every time, which makes investing in the most reliable pumps a priority that can’t be ignored.

Self-priming Shurflo water pumps and drive assemblies are built to deliver the reliable performance that boat owners need. By utilizing the full range of Shurflo fluid management parts and accessories throughout all of your plumbing systems, you can be sure that when you need to move water, you won’t be left high and dry.