There are several different types of dog beds available online and in pet shops and your furry little friend surely deserves only the best. Every dog needs to have a place to consider its own, therefore, you need to take a look at the possibilities and decide which option is mostly suitable for your pet and you too of course.

  • Nest beds are among more popular types of dog beds and they look like half a box with a pillow inserted inside. They are extremely comfortable, but not suitable for larger dog breeds.
  • Bolster beds feature extra padding, therefore, they are more pricey. The bolster they include provides higher level of comfort that dogs so much love.
  • Orthopedic beds might be the best choice if considering long term effects. Moreover, in case your dog is older or it is experiencing pain due to some injuries, it is highly recommendable you buy this bed type. Orthopedic beds are also very suitable for dogs with hip dysplasia and arthritis.


  • Simple padded beds are used by a great number of dog owners because they come in a wide range of sizes and are available at competitive prices. These beds suit the most basic needs of a dog, hence if you are looking to provide your dog with more luxury, you should consider buying something else.
  • Cedar filled beds are most commonly used by people who do not like the dog odor although they adore the companion of a pet. This means, these beds come with the feature to neutralize odors. However, they are not as comfortable as other types of dog beds as they lack proper padding.

If your dogs has allergies, you should definitely buy a bed that prevents skin irritation and has antibacterial features. Also, if your dog is small or middle-sized, do not buy a bed that fits it completely, but make sure that there is some extra space because it will soon grow up bigger.

Too soft a bed will not bring comfort to your dog, and similarly, a bed that is too hard will not do it either. Look for the perfect middle between soft and hard, just as you would do if you were looking for a bed for yourself. Do not force your dog to sleep in its bed; you want to make your dog like the new bed and not create aversion. Try introducing the bed slowly to your pet, you can do so through play by putting some treats on it and waiting for the dog to find them on its own.