Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

We live in a modern age ruled by technology, so the majority of the workforce spends their working hours sitting in front of a computer. However, being inactive and spending a lot of time in a seated position can certainly take its toll on your health. Constant sitting puts stress on the spine, which in turn leads to muscle and joint pain. Muscle pain is not the only sign that your spine is under frequent stress on a daily basis. The strong, knife stabbing-like pain down the spine, the aches that extend down your legs and your limited flexibility are other common symptoms of back pain.

There are many factors at the office that can contribute to experiencing back pain, such as a bad seating posture, the overall layout of your desk, the position of the screen and monitor and similar. But the number one aspect that considerably affects the health of your back is the design of your office chair. No matter how good you try to position yourself while working at your desk, if the chair is not the right height and size for you, you’re bound to feel backpain. Luckily, help is not far away. In the modern world of today, there are ergonomic pieces of furniture that promote better posture and help minimise backpain. Introducing a rather unique piece of furniture – the ergonomic kneeling chair.

It’s designed to help you maintain a proper posture when doing any kind of desk-related tasks at the office. The main difference between a regular office chair and a ergonomic kneeling chair is in their design. The ergonomic model promotes active sitting rather than passive one. In other words, when sitting in a standard chair, your body is often slumped and tensed, however, when sitting in a kneeling stool, you are able to sit comfortably, move freely and adjust your sitting position.

The seat of the ergonomic kneeling chair is adjusted at a declined angle which easily keeps your spine straight when in a seated position. The chair also features a knee pad on which you can rest your shins. Sitting in this position provides more space for the hips and their muscles, which are directly linked to the lower back. The main causes of lower back pain are tight and stressed hip muscles and spine. However, when sitting in a kneeling chair, your muscles have the needed space to relax, which can certainly ease pain.

Kneeling stools offer the ultimate comfort that everyone of us needs. Their seats are usually made from a memory foam padding and their unique design doesn’t force your body to hunch forward at the desk. The chair evenly distributes your weight between the shins instead of being completely supported by your buttock, thus providing pain relief when spending long hours in front of a computer.