Sleep Apnea Masks

A good night sleep is very important for a healthy living, but for those people diagnosed with some type of sleeping disorder, sleeping at night can be really hard and difficult. One of the most common sleeping disorder is the obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a disorder that affects one out of four adults. This condition causes people to stop breathing frequently during the nigh. The most effective and proven treatment for this disorder is the continuous positive airway pressure, or shortly know as CPAP. The CPAP machines are a perfect solution not just for adults, but also for children who suffer from sleep apnea. These devices are also used to treat patients who suffer from heart or artery disease.

There are many manufacturers that produce sleep apnea machines and other CPAP devices, but certainly the most popular is Philips. Philips produces and offers CPAP machines of high quality, humidifiers, nasal pillows, masks and other CPAP related products. The most popular CPAP product from Philips are the sleep apnea masks. The CPAP masks from Philips comes in many different sizes, shapes and types like nasal pillow mask, full face mask and easy life sleep apnea masks.

Philips GoLife Nasal Pillow Mask – The GoLife for women and the GoLife for man sleep apnea masks give patients the comfort they need. These two masks share a common platform, yet they are different and the most obvious feature is the colour. GoLife sleep apnea masks for men is designed to fit larger male facial structure, while the GoLife for women has much smaller headgear and frame. This sleep apnea mask from Philips provides successful therapy for both female and male patients.

Philips Full Face Amara Sleep Apnea Masks – This full face mask is lightweight, small and quite easy to use. It is 20 percent lighter and has 60 percent less parts than other full face sleep apnea masks. Because of that, the Amara full face mask from Philips is easy to use and easy to maintain. With a simple design, this sleep apnea mask can be cleaned easily and quickly.

Easy Life Sleep Apnea Masks – These Philips masks give immediate results because they are developed with the revolutionary Auto Seal technology. The nasal sleep apnea masks eliminate the need for manual mask adjustments. They are lightweight and have innovative design that provides comfortable support.