Crazy Love book, written by Francis Chan, is probably among best Christian books of all time. The author, Francis Chan, is an American preacher, a pastor of Cornerstone Church and a best-selling author of several books, including Crazy Love, which was sold in more than million copies since its publishing in 2008. Through his praises of God and teachings that people should have deeper love for Him, Francis Chan has become world-wide recognizable author in Christian community.


The North American church is often a subject of critiques by people who love the church and those who hate it. It is well-known that something is wrong with the church, but no one knows what. In his book, Francis critiques the church as an act of love. Francis Chan dedicates this Crazy Love book to all those who want more Jesus in their lives, to all those who are bored with the American Christianity, to all those who would die before their convictions do.

The author says that his Crazy Love book is meant to change the way Christians live. His idea is to make his church a perfect example of how all churches should look like. To do so, the author explores what the church was in a simple form and does not include anything new. His love for the church is so obvious throughout all 224 pages of the book. Francis writes how awesome God is, His attributes and all the wonders of His creation. The book starts with the author thanking God for giving him His Holy Spirit; thanking his wife for being his best friend, great wife and an excellent mother; and then thanking all people who helped him complete the book.

Crazy Love is written in a simple and quite effective format. It has 11 chapters, of which seven are meant to challenge all Christians to examine themselves. In the other 4 chapters, Chan analysis how American Christians see the character of God. The author believes there would be no salvation for people who think they are already saved or those who do not believe in God entirely. These people, called “lukewarm” Christians, will never make it to the God’s heaven. The two themes will have anyone wondering and talking about God, which is what makes it deeply challenging piece of writing.

Simply put, the Crazy Love book has a message that all American Christians must hear, since most of them are living too safely and too easily.