There’s something incredibly alluring about relaxing in front of a fireplace; perhaps this dates back to the time of living in caves, when men and fire first came together. Modern homeowners continue to include a fireplace as a standard feature in their homes, whether for warmth, ambience or simply to gaze at the flames while enjoying an Italian wine or reading a good book.

Don’t worry if your home isn’t fit for a wood-burning fireplace as there’s a perfect solution that’s just as cosy as it is affordable and requires minimal installation. Yes, I’m talking about fireplaces powered by electricity. As you’d come to know, there are several benefits you’ll enjoy by purchasing an electric fireplace for your home.

Plenty of Fire, but Without the Smoke

According to the old saying, where there’s smoke, there’s fire – but this doesn’t apply to electric fireplaces. These contemporary technologies are smokeless and odourless which makes them a much better alternative to the conventional.

The gases that a typical fireplace emits can present certain risks. For example, the smoke from the fire could enter your living space if there is not enough ventilation. These vapours contain a variety of poisonous and fatal chemicals, including formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide, which can be harmful to every occupant of the house, especially children and pets.

Considered the safest fireplace on the market, an electric fireplace doesn’t emit any smoke. With no smoke, there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or breathing in any of the other toxins that wood smoke creates. Still, you will be able to enjoy the nicest part – the fire.

Electric Fireplaces Have Low Installation and Cost

The issue for the majority of homeowners is that they may want to instal a traditional fireplace in a home without one but don’t want to be saddled with the expense of hundreds of dollars in labour and materials. As with any other masonry job, building a chimney for a conventional fireplace is necessary in order to effectively ventilate smoke.

The straightforward electric fireplace makes the idea of having a fireplace at home a lot easier and much more affordable. Nowadays it’s possible to find a small model that requires little to no installation for about $100. All you’ll need to install it is a plug – no chimney required because it doesn’t produce any smoke. After installing your new fireplace in the selected room, simply plug it in to start experiencing the heat.

No Upkeep and Maintenance Required

Some individuals don’t mind cleaning out a fireplace after spending the evening in front of it, but most of us don’t. Even after being professionally cleaned, conventional wood-burning fireplaces never seem clean because soot accumulates everywhere. The electric counterparts, on the other hand, are made to burn cleanly without any soot, ash, or other debris.

Another cost associated with a traditional fireplace is the need to hire professionals to completely clean and sweep the chimney a few times a year. The cost of wood, kindling, and the sporadic fire-starting logs adds up to another couple hundred dollars a year.

The typical fireplace’s trash and debris can be avoided with the electric products. They provide you with a steady flame that quickly heats a space while also being greener as it burns without emitting any gases or leaving behind any waste.

What to Consider When Choosing an Electric Fireplace


Wall Mounted Fireplaces

A space-savvy solution that brings warmth and cosiness to small living areas. Despite the fact that they are simpler to install, many still prefer the aesthetic of a built-in fireplace in their living rooms.

Free Standing

You may put these electric designs up against a wall anywhere in your house. Additionally, they are incredibly portable and have corner designs so they may fit in any corner.

Media Console Fireplaces

Fireplaces that have been built inside entertainment centres, such as TV stands, are called media console fireplaces. They are more useful because they save space in addition to serving the heating and aesthetic needs.

Electrical Fireplace Inserts

These are the best options for people looking for an electrical alternative for their old natural fireplace. The term “electric fireplace insert” alludes to how easily it can replace a traditional fireplace.


The size of the area in your home that you wish to heat is another important factor to take into account. This will enable you to determine whether a lower or higher outage is required to adequately warm your space. Take into consideration the space’s layout, including whether it has high ceilings, numerous windows, or draughts that can alter how the area heats up. It is preferable to pick a fireplace with remote control and a range of heat settings to suit your different requirements. You will still feel warm even in a lower setting because the units are generally designed to heat large rooms.

Certification and Safety

Last but not least, it’s crucial to make sure the electric powered fireplace is completely approved and includes overheat safety. Certifications are marks that show a product complies with health, safety, and environmental protection regulations for the region in which it was produced or is intended for sale. Checking this will give you peace of mind and confidence about your purchase.