Lino flooring has been used in residential and commercial applications since its invention by Frederic Walton in the mid 19th century. A very flexible flooring material available in huge range of designs and colours, linoleum is made by mixing different ingredients, including rosin, cork dust and linseed oil. The reason for high popularity of this flooring material are the many advantages it offers including durability, high quality and resistance to moisture, scratches and wear. And just like any other flooring option, lino flooring also has disadvantages. If you plan to install a lino flooring in your home or an office, it is best to consider both positive and negative sides.

Lino Flooring

One advantage of installing lino flooring is the affordable price. When compared with other flooring materials like hardwood or ceramic tiles, linoleum flooring is a cheaper flooring solution. Available in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses, patterns, designs and colours, some linoleum floors offer textured surfaces designed to mimic the expensive flooring options like wood, stone, granite and marble.

Another beneficial feature of linoleum is easy installation. But, unlike vinyl flooring, if you have no skills, it is best to hire a professional. Generally, installing linoleum floors is a one day project. Depending on the size of the room, number of rooms and how much prep work must be done, installation process can last anywhere from couple of hours to a whole day or two. It is also recommended not to walk on the newly installed linoleum at least 24 hours to let it set.

One of the biggest issues with linoleum is its soft surface which can be easily scratched or damaged. Not as durable as stone, wood or vinyl, the surface of linoleum can easily be damaged if a sharp object falls on it or it can be scratched if heavy objects such as furniture are dragged across. Because of this for some people lino flooring is a cheap solution. Also, depending on the colour, pattern or design, linoleum can give a room a more colder look.

Lino flooring, aside from being economical is also water resistant. This makes it a perfect choice for dining rooms and kitchens where spills are very common. Dry or wet spills can be mopped up easily without any damage. Lino flooring is very easy for maintenance, requiring only a damp or dry mop for debris and dirt removal, and once a week wet wash with mild detergent and clean water. All in all, if you are looking for an affordable and versatile flooring option for your home or office that is easy to install and maintain, lino flooring is definitely the right choice.