Male pattern baldness, medically known as androgenic alopecia, is the reason for shocking 95% of hair loss problems in men. Usually a receding hairline or general thinning on top of the scalp, male pattern baldness is mostly genetic. For men who have high level of genetic predisposition to hair loss, a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone causes follicular reduction on top of the scalp. As a result, hair becomes thin and the follicle produce a ‘vellus’ hair which is almost invisible to the eye. Being a genetic disorder, there really isn’t a ‘cure’ for male pattern baldness. Still, there are male pattern baldness treatment available that can slow the condition or simply camouflage it.


There are the two male pattern baldness treatment in a form of pills that have been approved. One is Propecia which blocks DHT hormone and is quite effective at preventing thinning of the hair that happens over the crown and scalp. The second medication, known as Monoxidil, has been widely popular due to positive end results. This world know medication works by stimulating new hair growth. Once the maximum hair regrowth had been achieved, pills are used for maintaining.

Apart from these two widely used and know treatments, there is one which doesn’t include any drugs or surgery and is still one of the most Male pattern baldness treatment available, the scalp micro pigmentation. The procedure involves tattooing of the scalp with tiny dots to replicate the natural look of real hair follicles. This male pattern baldness treatment is widely regarded as the most advanced of its kind in the world today, using application methods and pigments that are specially designed to create the most realistic and natural illusion of hair possible.

The highly trained and experienced technician uses a group of different needle sizes, pigment colours, penetration angles, depths and distribution rates depending on the scalp area being treated, the desired appearance and the skin tone. The scalp micro pigmentation is highly advanced form of cosmetic pigmentation. The needles used for this male pattern baldness treatment do not penetrate as deeply as they commonly do when it comes to some other techniques. This hair loss solution uses high quality computerized equipment to achieve the best possible results. Usually two or three sessions are required in order to create the most natural look. Scalp micro pigmentation is pain-free, drug-free and immediate which means even after the first treatment a hairline is visible.